The Night Stalker has found the Wright Director

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When he’s not acting in Tim Burton films, believe it or not, Johnny Depp is also appearing in other films  that the gothic director isn’t involved in. One such film is The Night Stalker , an adaptation of the made for TV movies and series that starred Darren McGavin in the role of the iconic supernatural investigator.

Depp has been attached to the project for a while now, and it seems that the film will finally be gathering up some steam now that Director Edgar Wright has joined on to helm the spooky tale.

While Depp is most likely a lock for the part, and Wright is in to guide the film all the way, there’s no word yet on a script or a writer, and with the two lead names also happening to be quite busy with commitments as of late, The Night Stalker will still be a long way off from even starting regular production.

Wright himself is still busy with the next Simon Pegg and Nick Frost film, Worlds End, while Depp will next be seen in the Tim Burton film Dark Shadows. Still, TNS would be a great film to get The Hollywood treatment.

Imagine the Keanu Reeves disaster, Constantine, but with actual proper supernatural elements and potentially not being a disaster train going off the rails, and you’d have a good idea as to what the film could be with two such massive talents behind it.


Last Updated: February 23, 2012

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