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The second trailer for THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR has arrived!

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On Monday, fellow Who-Enthusiast Kervyn kicked up a big fuss about the awesome first trailer for the 50th anniversary episode which we will all be watching on the 23rd of November. Well, an extended trailer has been released for The Day of the Doctor and it is even more mind-blowing than the first.

Doctor Who

We are in for a thrilling ride as we are not only celebrating Matt Smith nearing the end of his amazing run as the Eleventh Doctor, but we are celebrating 50 years of one of the most widely loved sci-fi shows of all time and while I’m excited for the Peter Capaldi era, it is sad to think that there isn’t much of the Eleventh Doctor left.  To add to the excitement will be David Tennant resuming his role of the Tenth Doctor and I can’t wait to see how these two interact.

The internet machine has been churning theories regarding what Steven Moffat has in store for us for the anniversary episode, especially when it comes to John Hurt as a previously unknown Doctor incarnation.  Hopefully we’ll find out how he fits into the mix but as Moffat has proven time and time again, there is no use trying to predict what we are going to experience. For now, here’s the extended trailer:

Last Updated: November 13, 2013

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