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The Taken will transform Destiny’s most formidable enemies

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It’s been quite some time since Gamescom, and since then Bungie has been rather busy. Just last week we got a massive information explosion concerning the Taken King – explaining how exotics, marks and inventory would all be changing thanks to the content coming with the expansion. That content itself is going to have a drastic effect on existing systems too, as I was told at the expo in Cologne.

Catching up with Taken King Crucible Design Lead Lars Bakken, we chatted about some of the many differences players can expect in Year Two of the online shooter. First and foremost is the presence of The Taken – a force that will transform existing enemies into creatures with abilities you won’t recognise. You’ll still be able to easily identify who they are, but don’t expect some of the same strategies to work.

Lars also briefly detailed how many of The Taken King’s weapons are going to make the year one gear ultimately useless (something we already sort of knew about). In fact, a lot of early Uncommon gear will easily outclass older Exotics, as endgame players crave access to more powerful weapons to tackle the more difficult content. But, of course, brand new Exotics will help scratch that loot hunting itch.

Bungie detailed a lot of other big changes coming to Destiny next month in a stream last week, all of which have been keenly broken down by the only real Destiny nut we have.

But after seeing (and playing) The Taken King, I do have a craving to jump back into the shared world shooter. Are you giving it another chance next month?

Last Updated: August 26, 2015

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