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The trailer for Gangster Squad will help make your bones, capische?

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There’s something mystical about America, in the modern era, before World War 2 hit hard. The art deco stylings, the ruthless gangsters and flagrant disrespect for the law, it’s the age where cowboys died and the wild side of the United States was finally tamed.

Gangster Squad is one such film that takes place in those manic days, as Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling and co, team up to take down the criminal empire of Mickey Cohen,a  real life gangster that is portrayed by a rather menacing Sean Penn (I WENT TO IRAQ YOU KNOW!).

See for yourself in the following trailer, which pits gangsters against cops, with a rap musical score. Yes, rap music in the 1940s.

Gangster Squad sees Gosling and Brolin attempt to stem the problem of prostitution, drugs and gunrunning in LA by shooting everyone in the face, thanks to their grizzled chief, played by Nick Nolte, instructing them to put the Miranda rights on all their bullets.

I’m a sucka for films like this, and while it does appear to borrow quite a few elements from a certain other classic film, The Untouchables, it still looks like some real stylish fun and action.

Gangster Squad is due for release sometime in 2012, although the exact date is still undetermined.

Last Updated: May 10, 2012

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