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Theo James wants to crack the code in the sci-fi drama Archive

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Archive is the upcoming sci-fi drama from writer/director Gavin Rothery, who’s making his feature debut. It stars Theo James (the Divergent franchise) and Stacy Martin (High-Rise).

The plot synopsis is as follows:

2038. Two and a half years into a three year research contract, George Almore (James) is on the verge of a breakthrough. Stationed halfway up a snow-capped mountain near Kyoto at a secret facility codenamed ‘The Garden’, he has been working on a model that is a true human-equivalent android. His prototype is almost complete. But this most sensitive phase of his work is also the riskiest. Especially as George has an ulterior motive for his work that must be hidden at all costs: Being re-united with his dead wife, Jules (Martin).

Let’s take a look:

I’ve seen a lot of people referring to Alex Garland’s superb A.I. drama Ex Machina when talking about this trailer, and while I see the superficial similarities I think this is a very different movie. It might ask a few similar questions about the nature of A.I., but I think Archive is far more straightforward in its approach and won’t dive deeply into the potential answers. That’s because it’s not the sole focus of this movie, it’s also a drama about loss and the inability to let go – something especially difficult when it seems the titular archive is a repository for deceased human consciousnesses, at least that’s what I understood.

Visually thinks looks pretty damn good for a small budget movie thanks to Rothery’s VFX background, and James looks like he’s putting in a decent performance, so if you’re a sci-fi fan this should be a decent watch.

What do you think?

Archive is due for release via digital and on-demand on 10 July. It also stars Rhona Mitra, Toby Jones, Peter Ferdinando, Lia Williams, and Richard Glover.

Last Updated: June 17, 2020

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  1. So, judging by the poster, the guy’s name is Stacey. And the girl is Theo.


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