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There are still two more unannounced Star Trek series coming our way

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We went from having a dearth of Star Trek content several years ago to a point where now we are seeing the sci-fi franchise possibly more popular than ever. After seeing the series revived through a trio of new action-packed movies, we got a successful new TV series in Star Trek: Discovery willing to boldly take the franchise to places it had never been. That series has already been renewed for a fourth season and then yesterday we got the news that the next big Star Trek series on its way, Star Trek: Picard, has already been renewed for a second season – before the first season has even premiered.

In addition to these shows, CBS is planning a Discovery spin-off called Section 31, which still star Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou along with two Star Trek animated shows. That is a lot of Star Trek. And this is just on TV, there is still a fourth Star Trek movie in the works too.

Most people would look at all of this and think that there is definitely enough Star Trek to go around and so no need to work on any further Star Trek series for the time being. Except that we would ultimately be wrong as Discovery and Picard showrunner/producer Alex Kurtzman revealed in an interview with TrekCore.com, that there are still at least two more live shows in development that have yet to be announced:

There are two more live action shows that haven’t been announced yet.

There was no further elaboration what these series would be about or when they would be developed, but there is no doubt a lot of effort getting put into making Star Trek one of the biggest TV series properties. Fans will be happy with all the content going around though the challenge will now not just be about finding Star Trek content to watch, but one trying to actually find the time to watch it all.

Last Updated: January 15, 2020

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