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There can be only none! Highlander remake loses a director

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Like claymores through an immortals neck, so are the directors of these kinds of films. While the Highlander remake looked set to finally get ready to slap down some sword fights with a Queen backing track, once again, development hell has struck the project with as much subtlety as the Kurgan in church.

While Juan Carlos “28 Weeks Later” Fresnadillo was set to helm the project when Justin Lin originally departed, it looks he too has been severed from the tale of immortals and swords.

That’s all thanks to that age-old enemy of Hollywood, “creative differences”, as Fresnadillo is officially off the set for this remake. Meanwhile, even though he hasn’t exactly been confirmed for the role, Deadline says that Ryan Reynolds is still attached to the project, with Summit also maintaining a production role in it.

Besides those hiccups, the film still has a script in place from Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, that is looking to stay as close to the 1986 original as possible.

But hopefully not so close, that it launches several terrible sequels in the process. Uuurghh, Highlander: The Source, which is the Hollywood equivalent of a Mel Gibson career-killing rant.

Last Updated: December 3, 2012

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