This first trailer for the Pixar rip-off WINGS is baaaaad on the puns

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Pixar movies don’t just make money, they’re practically a license to print cash. So of course, whenever one comes out, you can usually find a bargain bin DVD or two with a suspiciously similair title and cover to the Disney film, floating around.

The next flick from Pixar and Disney, Planes, is a spin-off from Cars that was originally meant to be direct-to-DVD before it got bumped up to bigger screens. The film looks adequate so far, but it’s a far cry from being on the same page as The Incredibles, or even Cars 2. And it’s already got a rip-off on the way.

A few weeks before a big airshow competition one young aircraft fighter gets his acceptance letter to take part in this prestigious competition. Determined to be the next champion, Ace ventures out to find and train with Colonel, a legendary retired aircraft fighter. As training begins Colonel sets a very disciplined schedule teaching Ace new aircraft tricks and speed tactics. As training continues, lurking in the wings of the flight training camp, Cyclone sets up an evil plan, using Windy as bait, to distract Ace and make sure that he will be the next airshow champion. On the day of the big competition, Ace and Cyclone compete against each other leaving only one brave aircraft fighter, not only the champion, but a hero.

Oh hell, where does one even start with Wings? It’s clearly pulling an asylum, but one which has voice actors who clearly don’t give a rats ass, a lack of any actual quality, jokes that not even children will find funny and it looks uglier than a field trip to the proctologist.

Wings will be crash-landing onto DVD. Most likely right before Planes releases.

Last Updated: July 26, 2013

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