Home Entertainment This international trailer for THE HOMESMAN is a lot more than you bargained for

This international trailer for THE HOMESMAN is a lot more than you bargained for

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I may have suffered from bad sinus problems my entire life, leaving me with a seriously lame sense of smell, but if there’s one thing I can sniff out from a mile away, it’s potential Oscar bait. And ladies and gentlemen, I think my schnoz just hit gold.

The Homesman, a new drama written, directed and starred in by Tommy Lee Jones, is an adaptation of acclaimed American author Glendon Swarthout’s western novel of the same name. It also stars one hell of a cast of awards winners, nominees and critical darlings, consisting of the aforementioned Jones, Hilary Swank, Meryl Streep, James Spader, John Lithgow, Tim Blake Nelson, William Fichtner, Hailee Steinfeld and Jesse Plemons. So yeah, ticking off all the criteria.

Luckily, based on this first international trailer, I can also add that it actually looks damn good.

An untrustworthy man and a spinster school teacher team up to transport three women deemed crazy via ox-drawn wagon across the Western plains.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for these types of minimalist Westerns, but that looks like it could be rather incredible. That is if Jones can make full use of his amazing cast, and stop the film from delving into drudgery, as these types of films are often in risk of. Do that, and you can probably expect to be hearing a whole more from The Homesman during the pre-awards season push at the end of the year.

The Homesman currently does not have a release date.

Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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  1. Oh my God, that looks so fucking good.

    With Tommy Lee Jones, I was already there, but the rest of that cast looks serious fucking money


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