This red band trailer for JOE DIRT 2: BEAUTIFUL LOSER just gets stupider!

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I don;t care what anybody says: I loved the first Joe Dirt movie. It’s one of the few movies starring David Spade that was actually immensely enjoyable, as he portrayed the title character of the ever-optimistic mullet afficianado. It’s also a done-in-one movie, as Joe Dirt managed to walk away a happy man at the end. So what path could a sequel take? It’d be kind of cruel to strip Joe of all that he fought so hard for in life, such as a loving wife, kids, a bitchin’ car and having Christopher Walken on your side?

Time travel is the solution! Obviously:

In this sequel to the 2001 cult favorite, David Spade (“Rules of Engagement”) returns as the mullet-wearing, rock and roll loving, down on his luck white-trash-hero who embarks on another epic journey, this time through the recent past, the heartland of America – and his own mind – to get back to his loved ones. Joe Dirt is back with a vengeance, and a mop.

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser won’t be seen in cinemas. Instead, it’ll debut on Crackle, which I assume is Netflix for movies. But less of them, except slightly newer. Idunno, I’m just guessing at this point. Cool right? No, I’m never cool.

Joe Dirt 2 stars David Spade, Christopher Walken, Brittany Daniel,Dennis Miller, Adam Beach, Patrick Warburton, Mark McGrath, Charlotte McKinney and Kevin Farley.

Last Updated: June 3, 2015

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