This trailer for Ari Folman's THE CONGRESS will take you on a very long journey into beautiful weirdness

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While I certainly have a taste for the mindless antics of manly men packing hand-cannons that spew out bullets faster than they can deliver one-liners, I do also like movies that engage the brain and get you thinking. And then there movies that get you thinking about what it is that you may have possibly ingested by accident to suddenly having you tripping your balls off.

The Congress, Israeli writer-director Ari Folman’s follow-up feature film to his critically acclaimed animated drama Waltz With Bashir, definitely appears to fall in the latter category judging by this WTF-filled trailer.


The film is loosely based on author Stanislav “Solaris” Lem’s novel, “The Futurological Congress” which followed a man, Tichy, who attends a futurological congress, where through some hallucinogenic drugs starts experiencing visions of the future, but due to the nature of the drugs, he’s never server if what he experiences are actually hallucinations or actually real.

In The Congress though, we follow an aging actress (Robin Wright playing herself) who agrees to a large payment to have a “full body imaging” that will be digitized and utilized to create a digital actress. As part of the agreement, she will no longer control her likeness and the studio will then utilize the new virtual thespian in any manner they see fit. As part of the agreement, she will also be forbidden from acting ever again.

And judging from this crazy, kooky trailer, that’s just the beginning of her tale.

The Congress will be making it’s debut at Cannes this week, before getting a wider release on July 3, 2013.

Last Updated: May 21, 2013

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