This trailer for CAPTIVE is trying to escape

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After watching the trailer for Jerry Jamerson’s Captive I was reminded of how each year on 18 June the team at are also held against our will as Kervyn celebrates his birthday by showing us slides of all the haircuts he’s had over his many many many many years. However, on re-watching the trailer I think I may have been a bit hasty and the haircuts don’t seem so bad, it’s more the collage he has created with them that is.

The film is based on events that unfolded back in 2005 where Brian Nicholas (David Oyelowo, Spooks) escapes prison, kills a judge and then takes single mom Ashley Smith (Kate Mara, House of Cards) captive in her own home. It then looks like they both find salvation through a book which is just as well as Brian has killed quite a few people in his desperation to visit his son.

The film is based on Smith’s non-fiction book and is adapted by Brian Bird and Reinhard Denke. I’m just hoping that their treatment is a bit more threatening than what the trailer shows, which comes across almost as an evangelist movie about how you can find salvation in the most desperate of times. That last part is probably just my cynicism though. What do you think?

You have some excellent acting with Oyelowo and Mara there and with Michael Kenneth Williams doing a ‘Tommy Lee Jones’ as the detective we could be in for a treat. Expect to be captivated 18 September.

Last Updated: June 18, 2015

Nick Reay

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