This trailer for THE KNICK won't stop pushing to save your life

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the knick

We live in a glorious age of medicine. There’s nothing that a doctor cannot do these days without enough drugs and scalpels, something which Kervyn doesn’t appreciate as he wasn’t too happy with the plastic surgery voucher that I gifted him with for his birthday. There used to be an age of medicine where headaches were cured by drilling a hole in your skull, but somewhere in the last century or two, quacks became proper doctors. And that’s what Knick is all about.

Set in New York in 1900, Knick will be a 10 episode series with Clive Owen in the lead as a surgeon at the Knickerbocker Hospital. That’s an era where going under the knife for even the smallest of surgeries could result in an untimely death, due to a lack of knowledge, antibiotics and medical procedures that could only be described as suicidal in practice. Steven Soderbergh directs the series, which is looking rather gruesome.

The show slices off in August.

Last Updated: June 18, 2014

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