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Todd Phillips is going from a Hangover to a GAMBLER in his next film

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Believe it or not, Todd Phillips used to be the kind of director who made films that wren’t about crazy shenanigans revolving around people drinking far too much alcohol than was medically possible. The man used to make documentaries, and now, he’s going to try his hand at a remake of the James Cann classic, The Gambler.

The original 1974 film starred the wrath of Caan as a literature professor who accumulated a little too much debt with the wrong corwd. Specifically the type of crowd who prefer to sort problems out by killing, stealing, hobbling and burying bodies in a secluded spot on route 69.

Martin Scorsese was looking at doing the remake himself at one point, with William “The Departed” Monahan handling script duties, but right now, he’s got a different wolf pack to lead.

Which leaves Phillips in the directing hot-seat to bring the film back to life, straight after he wraps up work on the third Hangover film. It’ll be interesting to see his take on the classic film though, because the man does know how to film bad decisions in a kinetic manner, and make characters interesting.


Last Updated: August 21, 2012

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