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Tony Stark takes on the Mandarin in this new IRON MAN 3 teaser, plus two more armours revealed

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Much like Batman, Tony Stark has one of the best superpowers on the planet. I’m not talking about a genius intellect, an indomitable will or the ability to rock facial hair and not look like the kind of guy who rides around in a rusted van that has “Free Candy” painted on the side.

I’m talking about the power of infinite money. It’s like waking up to a powerball moneyshot in the face, every single morning of your life. And Stark is going to need that cash, when he takes on the Mandarin in this new TV spot. Plus, more snazzy armour revealed!

Here’s the latest TV spot from ComingSoon, which is decidedly less spoilerish than that other one that is also making the rounds at the moment. More on that one, later today. So far, I’m liking the idea of director Shane Black’s Mandarin. A man with no allegiance to anyone but to himself, and who has created an identity pieced together from bits and pieces from other cultures. And the amazing thing is, we still have no idea as to whether or not he’s packing a pimp slap of cosmic origin inside his mystical rings.

Moving on, Stark has obviously been busy since his time with the Avengers, knocking out dozens of new suits in the interim between the battle for New York and Iron Man 3. Here’s two of the suits that apparently survive the destruction of his mansion, with one of them being the kind of nod to comic book source material that will have the fanboys fielding an unwelcome bulge in their pants.

Please let that be half a chocolate bar in your pants Kervyn.

Last Updated: March 26, 2013


  1. Wow that was awesome! Um… thats a full chocolate bar in my pants… honest…


  2. Andre116

    March 26, 2013 at 20:29

    Awesome…this, Pacific Rim and Evil Dead is on my cinema watch list year.


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