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Top Gear – Here’s a look at the red carpet event that kicked off series 28

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London: The city of royalty, history and one South African who wishes he’d packed jeans for the trip! It’s a chilly night in England’s iconic capital, I’m wondering if wearing a single layer of clothing was enough for zero-degree weather and Leicester Square is currently buzzing with excitement. A new season of Top Gear is kicking off this Sunday on the BBC (And arriving March 05 on BBC Brit over on DSTV Channel 120 this side of the globe), and the show is looking to go bigger than ever.

After proving that the back to basics approach of series 27 was no fluke, series 28 is doubling down on that theme thanks to the chemistry of its three main stars: Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness and Freddie Flinthoff. Two-thirds of the team were present for the premiere of the series 28’s first episode, which features Flinthoff taking on a challenge that would give James Bond a license to ill.

Sitting in a red Rover Metro, Flinthoff found himself suspended above a 500ft Swiss dam, ready to embark on the mother of all bungee jumps. It’s mental stuff, and just the tip of the iceberg for what Top Gear has planned in 2020. “You’re going to see a traditional, great British seaside holiday, which is a treat, trust me,” McGuinness said at the premiere event.

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You’re going to see Flinthoff being dropped off a 500ft dam, which is frightening, very very frightening. There’s something for everyone in the first one.

There’s an Ariel Atom as well, being skidded around the track, we’ve got everything,” Harris added.

From larking about in old cars, a really exciting new sports car and a fearless bloke doing something stupid.

As for all the South African fans? McGuinness and Harris had a shoutout for us…and some gloating to do:

And here’s a fancy gallery to have a gander at!

I’ve seen the first episode of Top Gear series 28 and honestly, I haven’t laughed that hard in ages. The team is on fire, the production quality is through the roof as always and the camaraderie between the trio feels fantastic. Top Gear is once again on the right track, and if the first episode id a solid indicator of what’s to come then I can’t wait to sit back and see what these petrolheads get up to in 2020.

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We’ll have more exclusive Top Gear content coming in February, so stay tuned for more!

Last Updated: January 24, 2020

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