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Transformers: The Last Knight may link to the legend of King Arthur

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Transformers 5. Or more accurately, Transformers: The Last Knight. Once again, we’re getting some hawt Autobot on Decepticon action in a film whose title makes little to no sense, because by now it’s tradition! So who exactly is the last knight that Transformers 5 is mentioning? Previously, we thought that it would be Optimus Prime himself as Age of Extinction hinted at his rile as a member of some obscure Cybertronian sect of protectors who existed many thousands of years ago.

Or maybe that title refers to a more earthbound Knight. One who hails from a time thought lost to the ages and the myths of the modern day. Spoilers below:


Right, so here’s the rumour, but we’re still possibly veering into spoiler territory here. According to JoBlo’s sources, Transformers: The Last Knight will open with Optimus Prime heading back to Cybertron and finding his homeworld properly wrecked son. Like, more than usual even, which makes sense when you consider how Transformers: Dark Of the Moon ended with the planet getting the mother of interstellar beatdowns at the end.

Still, there is hope that Cybertron can be restored, provided that Optimus Prime can get his massive hands on an artifact that has the power to save his race. Said MacGuffin was of course, buried here on Earth during the reign of King Arthur and held by his court wizard Merlin, because of course it was. Also, Anthony Hopkins has landed a role in the film, and I’d put easy money on the movie cannibal popping up as the magician.

Anthony Hopkins in a Michael Bay movie, what a time to be alive. And that sounds kind of awesome, because that would at least give me a chance to see Michael Bay direct a King Arthur movie in the obligatory flashback scene.

Take it with a pinch of Sodium Prime for now, but if the rumour turns out to be true, that could give Transformers: The Last Knight a different spin. Which could then be blown up completely. Transformers: The Last Knight is out next year June 23, and yes Marky Mark is back. I FINK WE FOUND A TRANSFORMAH!

Last Updated: June 15, 2016

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