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Tye Sheridan observes far more than he should in the crime thriller The Night Clerk

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The Night Clerk, not to be confused with the superb The Night Manager (which is getting a second season some time later this year if all goes to plan), is the upcoming crime thriller from writer/director Michael Cristofer. He’s better known these days for his acting work on shows like Mr. Robot and Ray Donovan, and this is the first time he steps behind the camera since 2001’s Original Sin.

Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One) stars as a young man on the autism spectrum who lives with his mother (Helen Hunt – As Good as It Gets) and works as a night clerk at a small hotel where, to improve his social skills, he secretly installed surveillance cameras in the guests’ rooms to observe their interactions and learn from them. What could go wrong? Well, he could witness the murder of one of the guests (Ana de Armas – Knives Out) is what, and his suspicious behaviour in trying to hide his illegal surveillance leads him to become the prime suspect in the murder.

The official plot synopsis is as follows:

While on duty, a young, socially challenged hotel clerk (Tye Sheridan) witnesses a murder in one of the rooms but his suspicious actions land him as the lead detective’s (John Leguizamo) number one suspect.

Let’s take a *ahem* look:

Well it looks like one of my 2020 wishes came true – they haven’t given away the entire plot, including the ending, in the trailer for the movie. This is a taut crime thriller where everything revolves around just what Bart has both seen and done, and I have a sneaky suspicion that he might be an unreliable source because he seems fixated on de Armas’ character and might be fantasising about some of his interactions with her. There’s a tangled web to unweave before arriving at the truth.

What do you think?

The Night Clerk is due for release in the US on 21 February.

Last Updated: January 20, 2020

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