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Update: The next Bond director has been found

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What? More Bond news? Quite so fellows, so pay attention and bring back the luxury sports vehicles and collectible laser watches in one piece this time, won’t you? We’ve already read about the director shortlist for the next James Bond film, which will follow on from the highly successful Skyfall that Sam Mendes brought to the big screen last year.

Ang “Life of Pi” Lee, Tom “The King’s Speech” Hooper, David “Harry Potter” Yates and Shane “Iron Man 3” Black were all on that list. And none of them made it. Your next James Bond director is…

Sam Mendes. Sony and MGM have begun negotiations to get Mendes back in the director’s chair for the next Bond film according to Deadline, a film which will have a script penned by John Logan. It’s been touch and go as to whether Mendes would return to devote another portion of his life to the franchise, but after Skyfall made over a billion Dollars at the box office, it’s a move that makes sense for all the parties involved.


Mendes dropped out of the running originally, as he had commited himself to directing stage plays such as King Lear and his current project, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But it seems that after meeting with the Bond producers this year, Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, Mendes has had a change of heart as they’ve agreed to wait on his availability instead of rushing out with the next flick, as was originally intended. This would of course mean that we would probably only see Bond on screen sometime in 2015 again.

I loved Skyfall, which may have had some jaw-droppingly stupid moments, but was still intelligently directed and paced overall, resulting in a damn good Bond film. What do you think about Mendes returning?

Last Updated: May 29, 2013

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