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Upside Down trailer may leave you topsy turvy.

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A French trailer has surfaced (or is that dropped?) for director Juan Diego Solana’s high-concept sci-fi love story situated on two parallel Earths, each facing the other on opposite gravity planes.
The world above is one of opulence and decadence, whereas the world below is filled with squalor and poverty. Due to a spate of robberies being committed in the upper world by lower citizens, tensions are running high between the normally peaceful societies, and lower Earth citizen, Adam (Jim Sturgess), is prohibited from seeing the love of his life, upper Earth citizen, Eve (Kirsten Dunst). Naturally, he doesn’t let a little thing like border control or gravity get in his way.Uggs Black Friday Deals

It may end up being a bit ham fisted in it’s allegorical commentary on societal hierarchies and inequalities, but it should make for some incredible visual storytelling. I’m not the biggest fan of the romantic genre as it tends to get bogged down in cliche far too often, but this certainly has me intrigued.

Unfortunately, the movie has no official UK or US release date set yet besides for 2012, so we may still have to wait a while before seeing it.Ugg Boots Cyber Monday Deals

PS: I ʍɐs ǝxʇɹǝɯǝlʎ ʇǝɯdʇǝp ʇo ʇʎdǝ onʇ ʇɥǝ ǝuʇıɹǝ ɐɹʇıɔlǝ lıʞǝ ʇɥıs˙

Last Updated: January 3, 2012

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