Val Kilmer to take to the skies in TOP GUN 2… maybe

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The internet was abuzz last night with what many thought was confirmation that Val Kilmer would reprise his role as Ice Man, baby! Yes, the steely and ‘almost as cocky as Tom Cruise’ character who was in the first Top Gun and who pulled more G’s than Ali ‘Aiit’ G will return! Awesome, right? Well there are things in the world you should know by now. One, never let the intern look after your twitter account, and two, if you are going to get excited about being OFFERED a role don’t make out that you have actually accepted said role. In a very confusing post on Facebook, Kilmer went from saying YES to, MAYBE in a few sentences while simultaneously confirming/denying actors and directors.

Starting with “It’s not often you get to say yes without reading the script” warming up to”It’s starring Gene Hackman…” then blasting off to “Yes, The director is Francis Coppola…” and finally  parachuting down from whatever high he was on “They aren’t involved in this production”… Val, what are you doing?! Have a look below and let’s play ‘what he was on’ when he posted them. I’m going with vicodin:

val crazy 1

Yeah, rather confusing isn’t it? So it looks like he has been offered the role but hasn’t as yet accepted it, which is a reasonable position to be in. These roles take a lot out of you, I mean can you imagine spending weeks on end with Tom Cruise?

Tony Scott, who directed the 1986 blockbuster and who has subsequently passed had also shown an interest to direct Top Gun 2, a seat that has yet to be filled. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer says “The concept is, basically, are the pilots obsolete because of drones? [Tom Cruise] is going to show them that they’re not obsolete. They’re here to stay”. Soooo, basically it’s a remake of the 2005 flop Stealth. Let’s pray that isn’t the case!

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Are you excited about a Top Gun 2? If you answered no, just have a quick listen to this…

Last Updated: November 18, 2015

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