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The Venom movie will finally introduce Carnage to the big screen

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You can’t spin a web in New York City without it landing on at least several iconic Spider-Man villains. Over the years, Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin and Electro have all had a chance to shine on the big screen (some less so than others). This year Michael Keaton suits up as a villainous blue collar scavenger with an axe to grind as the Vulture, but fans have been wanting a certain other maniac in red to make an appearance over the years.

It’s sadly not Big Wheel, but rather the most 90s villain ever born out of a comic book era when new characters had to some level of extreme attached to them. Carnage was his name, spilling blood was his game. An offspring from the original Venom symbiote, Carnage inherited all of the powers of its father and none of its mercy. Basically, imagine if the taxman was an organic mixture of semi-solid liquid that wanted to bond with you.

A symbiote like that on its own was bad enough. A symbiote just like that bonded to a remorseless serial killer was way waaaaay worse. Which is exactly what happened when Cletus Kasady became best friends with the symbiote and they formed Carnage. Long story short, a mass murderer got himself some enhanced speed, reflexes and strength that could be used with some limited shape-shifting to create an adversary who could give both Venom and Spider-Man a run for their money.

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Carnage has always been an effective Spider-Man villain, but the character has always worked better as one of Venom’s primary antagonists instead. Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote may not be considered heroes, but they’re technically still on the side of angels whereas Carnage is a darker reflection of the same coin and a reminder as to how dangerous power without responsibility can be.

Which is why he makes the perfect foil for the Venom movie. Yup, that solo film starring Tom Hardy as the titular anti-hero will be tangling with his red and black nemesis according to The Hollywood Reporter. That ties into work that Sony has been tinkering away on since 2014, having been attempting to develop the character for the big screen since then and most likely with a tweaked script in anticipation of Spider-Man Homecoming being a success next month.

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Things get a tad bit more complicated from that point: While Sony is also looking to pop Mysterio and Kraven into a Spider-verse of movies starring Tom Holland, they won’t cross over with Disney’s Marvel Universe. Nor is it a definite promise that Spider-Man actor Tom Holland will pop up in those flicks, as his commitments only include two more Spider-Man sequels and a spot in Avengers: Infinity War.

So basically, you’ve got a Spider-Man film universe that might not star Spider-Man himself. Well alright then.

Last Updated: June 22, 2017

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