VERONICA MARS is headed for greatness in a new trailer

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Well, I know what is first on my “must rewatch” list in the next three months…all three seasons of Veronica Mars? You might ask me why I would do such a thing but surely you should know… no excuse is ever needed to spend some time with our favourite teenage PI, but with the release of the first full trailer for the Veronica Mars film it has suddenly dawned that that we are about three months away from getting it being released. I will now allow a few minutes for all of you to jump for joy.


Fans have been asking for more Mars adventures for nearly a decade and while these projects normally tend to be over-hyped, fans clamored at the chance to bring it to life again which culminated into one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns of all time. In the film, intrepid teenage sleuth Veronica Mars is a decade older and seems to have left her PI days behind when a call from ex-boyfriend Logan brings her back to Neptune to solve the murder that he is being accused of.

I must admit that I would have preferred to see Veronica Mars on the small screen again Thomas’ creation lends itself beautifully to a weekly format but as a fan but I am extremely curious and excited to see what Veronica and the good (read: terrible) people of Neptune have in store for us.

Here’s our first proper taste:

Well, that just leaves us all with one big decision…Team Logan, or Team Piz? All I know is, Kervyn thinks they are both dreamy.

Last Updated: January 6, 2014

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