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Vinnie Jones is out for revenge in the first trailer for The Big Ugly

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We might look at movie stars and envy all the fame and fortune they have achieved, though, to be fair much of it could not have happened if it weren’t for some incredibly hard work and loads of talent. And then there’s Vinnie Jones. While Jones was no doubt a talented soccer player who deserved all of his (controversial) success in the sports world, but when it comes to movies he was usually typecast as a hooligan whose primary job was to look mean and cause some serious pain. Jones is still incredibly fun to watch from time to time, especially if he happens to be in a Guy Ritchie directed movie).

Next on the Jones action agenda is a new movie that was named after Kervyn, The Big Ugly. Directed by Scott Wiper, The Big Ugly sees Jones playing the role of Neeyln, who’ll do whatever it takes to avenge the death of his girlfriend, Fiona (Lenora Crichlow) following a disastrous business deal with his boss Harris (Malcolm McDowell) and American oilman Preston (Ron Perlman). Both horrified and enraged to find out that Fiona has been murdered,  he delves into the mystery of exactly who killed her and why it becomes clear that the people he originally thought were his business associates might have had more sinister motives. Neeyln is out for revenge, and he’ll stop at nothing in search of the answers (and justice) he demands.

It’s not exactly an original plotline and not something that we likely haven’t seen the likes of Keanu Reeves, Mel Gibson and Liam Neeson do better, but it does look like the film will provide some good old-style action thrown in with plenty of cheese along the way too. Mind you, if you’re a Vinnie Jones fan, you wouldn’t expect anything else. This is simply Jones being Jones and that is what he has built his movie career on.

The Big Ugly is set to release on July 31, through on-demand services, so expect to be able to watch it in your living room reasonably soon. It could be the perfect blend of silliness and action to take your mind off the rest of the things happening in the world right now.

Last Updated: June 24, 2020


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    Soccer player….

    You’re going on the list https://media0.giphy.com/media/RghAeSfowDs4DQPGPR/giphy.gif


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