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Warner Bros is building a live-action MINECRAFT movie!

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Blocks are big business, yo! With The LEGO Movie not only wowing critics but proving to be a LEGO block under a bare foot to all box office competitors, it’s clear that audiences love movies about building blocks. At least that’s what Warner Bros is banking on, as the studio is developing a feature film based on block building video game sensation Minecraft.


Deadline reports that WB have acquired the feature film rights from Minecraft’s Swedish developer Mojang AB, and probably in a bid to replicate The LEGO Movie‘s success (it’s currently sitting on a whopping $280.5 million after just three weeks!) they have tapped The LEGO Movie’s producer Roy Lee to co-produce alongside Jill Messick (Mean Girls).

Now, as I’m sure plenty of you know, Minecraft doesn’t quite have what you might call a narrative. The video game is essentially built around the concept of “Everything is made of blocks that you can use to build anything. The end,” so it will be be interesting to see in which direction WB will take this, especially since they plan to make it a live-action feature film, and not animated like The LEGO Movie.

With over 100 million users of all ages building stuff in Minecraft every day (and some ridiculously crazy stuff at that), there is certainly a big enough built-in audience to make this a success.  Let’s see if WB can build up another box office smashing franchise, or will they just end up with a blocky turd.

Here’s the trailer for Minecraft for the 4 of you who have never heard of the game before.

Last Updated: February 28, 2014

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