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Watch the first trailer for Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots season 2

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Has it really been three years since Netflix’s five-time Emmy Award-winning Love, Death + Robots first graced our screens? Somehow it has been, and if you’ve been waiting impatiently ever since then for a second season of the superb adult animated sci-fi anthology, then wait no more (almost) because it’s nearly upon us.

The brainchild of Deadpool director Tim Miller and celebrated director David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club, Gone Girl, and so many more), the first season was a wild ride. The eighteen stand-alone animated shorts delivered an incredibly diverse viewing experience tackling a wide variety of stories, all with their own unique tone and animation style. There were a couple of duds, but for the most part it was a huge and popular hit, with people clamoring for more.

Well the streamer has just dropped a teaser trailer for the second season that’ll premiere in the middle of next month, and in even better news, has confirmed that we’ll also be getting a third season in 2022.

The official synopsis for the second season is as follows:

Love, Death + Robots is a blast of the future with its roots deep in the past. Show creator Tim Miller teamed up with director David Fincher after years of wanting to make adult animated features and short films at his animation house Blur Studio. When his directorial debut Deadpool hit big, they saw their opportunity and the anthology series found a natural home at Netflix.

“We couldn’t have been happier at the response to the show,” recalls Miller, of the excitement around season one and the appetite for more. “It was exactly the kind of passionate reception from animation fans David and I hoped for, but for many long years had been told wouldn’t happen.”

For season two Miller was joined by Jennifer Yuh Nelson as Supervising Director. The Oscar-nominated director has vast animation experience – having worked in the industry for years and helmed Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3. Together they sought talented and diverse animation directors from around the world, for a blend of styles and stories ranging from violent comedy to existential philosophy.

“It’s a tonal and stylistic Jenga game,” says Jennifer Yuh Nelson, “Trying to figure out which director might best handle what story.”

Let’s take a look:

Sorrow, childlike innocence, death, giants, action, dog walkers, horror, and space whales! Once again we’re getting a broad selection of sci-fi tales that’ll appeal to a wide array of palates, and some of that animation was gorgeous.

What do you think? Love, Death + Robots volume two will premiere on Netflix on 14 May.

Last Updated: April 20, 2021

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