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Watch the two competing trailers for Netflix's next true crime documentary AMANDA KNOX

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amanda knox netflix doc
amanda knox netflix doc

I’ve not yet seen Making a Murderer. I know, I know. Shun the heathen and all that. I’ve just unfortunately been going through the busiest few months of my life this year, so I just never got around to losing my life to Netflix’s incredibly engrossing true crime documentary series which was the talk of the town earlier this year. Not that I could actually participate in these talks because of my pop cultural oversight.

Luckily, I have another shot at this as Netflix is producing another true crime documentary, this time based on the headline-grabbing case of Amanda Knox, a young American woman who while living in Italy in 2007 was accused and eventually convicted of the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher. During the trial nearly every aspect of Knox’s personal life was made public in what could almost be described as a media witchhunt, which led many of her defenders to claim that she would never get a fair trial. Fair or not, Knox, along with her co-accused boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, was convicted of murder, despite evidence believed to deny her involvement after a controversial interrogation in which she appeared to implicate the two of them. However, she only served 4 years of her 26 years sentence in an Italian prison, when the Italian Supreme Court overturned the previous verdict, fully exonerating Knox and Sollecito.

But did Amanda Knox actually help to murder Meredith Kercher? The debate rages on, with both sides representing their own supposedly compelling evidence as to her innocence and guilt. And its exactly these conflicting viewpoints that Netflix wishes to explore in the upcoming Amanda Knox. And they’ve already given us a really good intro to the approach they will use, as they’ve released two separate trailers, titled “Believe her” and “Suspect her” respectively, which just has similar footage edited differently to give you a completely different view on her innocence, exactly as the media circus that that surrounded the trial often did.

Check out the trailers below.

As a hunger for salacious and exciting news stories grows, what role do we all play in the perpetuation and the creation of ‘front page’ ready narratives? Amanda Knox is a human story that goes past the headlines to examine the often fraught relationship between true crime tragedy, justice and entertainment.

Amanda Knox premieres on Netflix on September 30.


Last Updated: September 14, 2016

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