Weekend Extras! FBI and friends smack down MegaUpload, Star Wars Uncut is plain unbelievable, An amazingly violent new clip from The Raid and now you can smell like an Avenger? Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Weekend Extras! A dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed! So just like the normal Extras, just much bigger!

We start off today with an amazing article at Empire about the behind scenes goings-on during the making of 1993’s Last Action Hero entitled The Life and Death of an Action Hero. What many take to be just another 90’s Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, was actually a complex affair with multiple twists that nearly ruined a film studio, and did ruin some serious Hollywood relations. If you’re a fan of cinema, I highly advise that you give it a read

The Borneo Post (via Comingsoon) reports that in honour of the Chinese New Year, Marvel will be handing out these very slick Avengers blazoned red envelopes (or ang pows, as they’re called locally) at Chinese movie theatres. I know they’re just envelopes, but I really want some

Girls on Film has a very thought provoking article about whether Gina Carano, of Haywire fame, has become the first real female action star in Hollywood. And for those of you crying out about Ellen Ripley or Saraha Conner, read the article, they’re all addressed

Entertainment Weekly has the first image of True Blood’s resident himbo, Ryan Kwanten’s new supernatural thriller 7500. The film revolves a transatlantic flight from Los Angeles Tokyo, on which a group of passengers encounters a sinister force. Kwanten describes it as a “haunted house on a plane.” The film also stars Amy Smart, Nicky Whelon, Jeff Ferrara and Scout Taylor-Compton and opens in the US on August 31st

If somebody had told me a few years ago that silent, black and white films would be hitting it big in 2012, I would have assumed that they had discovered my secret stash of exotic pharmaceuticals. (I have a rare medical condition – Cinematicus-snobius), but that’s exactly what The Artist is doing. Fresh off it’s wins at the Golden Globes, the little silent movie that could, garnered the top honours at the Producers Guild Awards

Seems like this years Sundance Film Festival is happening at the same time as the local Construction Workers Convention. That is the only explanation I can think for the fact that the screening of director Craig Zobel’s provocative drama, Compliance, devolved into cat-calling, heckling and just all-round bad behaved audience members. Shame on you, Sundance

The US Department of Justice and FBI laid the pirate smack down this weekend as it shut down internet hosting site, MegaUpload. They also arrested at least 4 people, confiscated numerous servers and conducted and coordinated raids in at least 9 different countries. MegaUpload owner Kim Dotcom (hopefully also charged with Having A Stupid Name in the First Degree) and 3 of has compatriots were arrested in New Zealand (Picture below, Dotcom on the far right), under the charges of them having earned more than $175 million by knowingly hosting infringing content, costing copyright holders $500 million. According to a report by one of the 76 (yes, 76!) police officers that conducted the raid on Dotcom’s mansion, upon the start of the raid, despite police officers clearly identifying themselves “…Mr. Dotcom retreated into the house and activated a number of electronic locking mechanisms. … While police neutralized these locks he then further barricaded himself into a safe room within the house which officers had to cut their way into.” (Via IMDB)

There’s a trailer out for drama/comedy Jeff, Who Lives at Home, which actually looks surprisingly decent, if you’re into the dramedy thing. This looks it could be the best thing Jason Segel has been in since the first season of How I Met Your Mother.

The film’s official synopsis reads: “Dispatched from his basement room on an errand for his mother, slacker Jeff might discover his destiny (finally) when he spends the day with his brother as he tracks his possibly adulterous wife”

Deadline reports that the film adaptation of Twilight projectile vomiter author Stephanie Meyer’s non-Twilight novel, The Host, has seen another addition to it’s cast. German actress Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds) has landed the role of The Seeker, one of the race of ‘souls’ who have invaded Earth and assumed control of the planet’s inhabitants. She comes into conflict with rebel human Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) who is somehow resisting the influence of her assigned soul. The movie is being written and directed by Andrew Nicol, who hopefully returns to his Gattaca form, and not what we saw from him in ho-hum In Time

Star Wars Uncut is a simply staggering project started in 2009 by Casey Pugh, where thousands of fans were asked to recreate Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope, 15 seconds at a time, any way they want. Now, three years later, the project is finally complete, and has been assembled and uploaded on Youtube in its full 2 hour amazing fan-fueled glory

And the merchandising madness is in full swing. In a move that smells completely of  WTF?, French company JADS International has started work on a line of Avengers-based colognes. It’s nothing official yet, as they are still trying to sort out the licensing, but they hay already released a promo image 

Inspired by Gina Carano’s action-star creating turn in Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire, Movies.com lists ten female badasses, tougher than their male counterparts

In speaking to MTV Movie News at Sundance, actor Elijah Wood revealed that his upcoming Alejandre Aja directed horror remake, Maniac (In which he plays a lonesome landlord by day, serial killer by night), will be shot entirely from his character’s point of view. And I mean that in the literal sense:

“[It’s] entirely in POV. You only ever see me in reflections and occasionally there are out-of-body experiences where you see more of me.”

Are you a prospective film writer with dreams of greatness? Well now you can learn from the best in the biz, as CBSNews has compiled a list of links where you can download the screenplays of all the major Hollywood awards contenders completely for free

And finally, we end on an asskicking note of… well, note. Gareth Evans’ The Raid (about a SWAT team stuck in a criminal-controlled building after a failed raid) kicked and punched it’s way onto our radars last year when it screened at the Toronto Film Fest and was hailed by many of the lucky few in attendance as “the greatest action movie ever made”. The Indonesian film then released a trailer for its international release, which left us simultaneously drooling like bloodthirsty babies, and also screaming at the heavens at the fact that we’d have to wait an interminable amount of time before it was released locally. Now, to help tide us over until such time, a new clip has been released. It’s violent, amazingly choreographed and, in a word, awesome:

Now if you don’t mind, I need to go find myself a Delorean and a manic-haired scientist with theories on time travel, so that I don’t have to wait until March to watch The Raid.

Last Updated: January 22, 2012

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