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Werewolves Within trailer reveals a hairy horror-comedy murder mystery

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When it comes to supernatural creatures to kill in movies, perhaps none are as terrifying as werewolves. Whereas most ghosts are intangible spirits, zombies are already dead, and aliens are vulnerable to a combination of water and Mel Gibson, werewolves are a frightening prospect because they’re ferocious killing machines that happen to still have a human element inside of them. Which makes killing them all the more difficult.

That doesn’t mean that movies about werewolves need be too serious though, as this new trailer for Werewolves Within proves. The Josh Reuben-directed film tells the story of a park ranger (Sam Richardson) arriving in the small town of Beaverton, only to find out that not only are the residents all a little bit crazy and far too trigger-happy but they’re been terrorized by werewolves too. Check it out below:

We have seen a short teaser for this film before, but this trailer gives us a far bigger look at the movie and reveals a film that certainly seems set to be packed with laughs. Yes, it might still fall within the horror genre and be dealing with a deadly killer and dark subject matter, but the overall tone of this film is very comedic. It’s making good use of laughs which arguably could make it even better as it does not try and fall for the same usual scare tactics and genre tropes, but rather looks to just have fun with itself and society in general.

Seeing as so many horror movies fail to deliver the appropriate scares, I’m more than happy to watch a movie try and make me laugh instead, especially when the cast includes the comedic talent of Milana Vayntrub, Michael Chernus, Harvey Guillén, and Michaela Watkins. Werewolves Within does not have a local release date at present.

Last Updated: June 1, 2021

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