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Will Len Wiseman break his curse with THE MUMMY?

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Well folks, who would have thought? It seems like Hollywood has not had enough of Len “Underworld” Wiseman yet. He has been attached to another project, and this time its a franchise that is already familiar with generous helpings of cheese.

For those of you not familiar with Len Wiseman’s work, he is the person responsible for the fun but soulless romp that was Die Hard 4.0, and the disappointing Total Recall remake. I’m starting to see a pattern here! The next franchise he is set to beat into submission is The Mummy, and I’m sure this will send fans of the Brendan Frasier-helmed franchise wailing in corners, shaking fist at their respective gods.

To be fair, The Mummy might be a better fit for Wiseman, as it has never been much of a cult classic and being directed as a flashy actioner is most likely exactly what Universal Studios are after. As a director, he does tend to lend a certain visual flair to his films, though he hopelessly relies on that fact to carry his films with varying degrees of success. His Underworld films are probably his most-enjoyed work and I was reasonably entertained by Rise of the Lycans, so directing a more fantasy-themed film is most likely a very good step.

No word yet on casting, and as Brendan Frasier has fallen off the map a bit the last while I think we can safely assume that a new, fresh face will be attached to the project. That, and it will inevitably star wife and frequent collaborator Kate Beckinsale. I wonder if they ever have Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich over for dinner, where they all just laugh boisterously at how they never have to have casting calls for leading ladies again?

Last Updated: September 25, 2012

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