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Yippie-ki-what?! DIE HARD 6 being developed as both prequel and sequel!

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Just go ahead and mentally file away this bit of news away under “W”. That’s “W” for “What the effing hell?!” as Deadline broke the news earlier this morning that a new Die Hard movie is now in development at Fox, and somehow it’s being spun as both an origin story prequel as well as a sequel.

Tentatively titled Die Hard Year One (Holy stolen titles, Batman!), it will still star Bruce Willis as badass (but kinda old now) police detective John McClane, but his portions of the movie will act as the bookends for a main section set in 1979 when McClane was still just a normal cop in New York City, showing us how he would become the barefoot, vest-wearing ass-kicker we all eventually got to know at Nakatomi Plaza.

And before you can even process that bit of out-of-left-field news, I’ll make it even worse for you by revealing that Fox are in negotiations with Len Wiseman to direct. Wiseman of course helmed the fourth film, Live Free or Die Hard, which would be widely recognized as the worst film in the franchise if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s follow-up A Good Die To Die Hard was a complete turkey. The fifth film did go on to make $304 million off a $92 million budget, which is still just about making a profit once you factor in advertising costs, but is probably why this is happening now.

Deadline reports that Hollywood veteran Lorenzo Di Bonaventura will be producing, but that the only reason he got involved is because he was pitching Fox a different spec script, which the studio was considering turning into a Die Hard sequel (much like how Die Hard With a Vengeance was originally being shopped around as a Lethal Weapon sequel before the studio realized they could turn it into another John McClane adventure).

Fox will now be shopping around their idea to screenwriters for a script, with Deadline hearing that several writers are rearing to take a crack at this one. There’s no word on whether Jai Courtney’s painfully boring Jack McClane will be returning (dear gods, no) or who will be playing the young John McClane. If this is actually happening – and unfortunately that does seem to be the case – then can they at least get somebody decent for that role? Can somebody find out what Joseph Gordon-Levitt is up to? I mean he’s already done this brilliantly once before.


Last Updated: October 15, 2015

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