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You can now download the screenplays for all of Rian Johnson’s non-Star Wars films

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Many fans like to show their appreciation for a particular franchise, film or game by collecting memorabilia and other such items for it. Do you know what is really special though, is to own an actual copy of a screenplay for a movie you like? After all, while a movie is really a collection of many different elements, it’s the script that started it all.

And with a film like Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, it was the Oscar-nominated screenplay where the magic for that whodunnit came from. While the acting, set and direction from Johnson himself were no doubt exceptional, it was really the inventive characters, mystery-filled story and witty dialogue that made it all work. And so, any true fan of the film would really want to own a copy for themselves.

Now you can own that script (sort of), as to celebrate the film coming to home release Johnson has just released a version of the screenplay for everyone to download. Not just for Knives Out though but for all his other non-Star Wars films including Brick, Brothers Bloom and Looper. The best part is these downloads are absolutely free. Though if you do wish to donate money to my Covid-19 preservation fund, it would be appreciated.   

So, with all this free time on your hands in the upcoming lockdown and if you’re in the need for something to read, you can do far worse than getting to enjoy all of Johnson’s best work and experience them all in a way that the entire cast for his films did – through the screenplay.  

Last Updated: March 24, 2020

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