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Zac Efron's WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS had the 3rd worst opening in US box office history

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Breaking box office records is usually followed by the popping of champagne, singing and dancing, maybe even a celebratory bagel or two. Usually. Unfortunately it is also possible to break the totally wrong kind of record as one particular film discovered this weekend past.

EW is reporting that We Are Your Friends, the latest flick starring Zac Efron, only managed to make $1.767 million when it opened in 2 333 theatres in the US this weekend past. Ignore the Saw 10th Anniversary rerelease of last year, and that low total unfortunately nets We Are Your Friends the new title of the third worst wide-release movie debut in US box office history (In case you were wondering, wide-release refers to movies that open in more than 2000 theatres).

We Are Your Friends is a drama directed by Max Joseph that sees Efron as an aspiring club DJ who gets taken under the wing of an older DJ (Wes Bentley), but then runs into trouble when he falls for his mentor’s much young girlfriend (Emily Ratajkowski). Here’s the trailer to the movie that almost nobody saw:

According to data from Box Office Mojo, We Are Your Friends is only bested on the infamous Worst Debut list by 2008 animated flick Delgo – $511 920 from 2160 theatres – and the 2012 kids puppet flick Oogieloves In the Big Baloon Adventure – $443 901 from 2160 theatres. Both Delgo and Oogieloves were panned by critics, with the latter even being nominated for Worst Picture and Worst Screen Ensemble at the 33rd Razzie Awards.

We Are Your Friends may have had a better reception critically (although it wasn’t exactly a smash hit), but thanks to either non-existing or non-effective marketing just about nobody knew what it was about and thus never went to see it. One other interesting fact about We Are Your Friends is that the no. 4 spot on the Worst Debut list is the 2007 slasher flick P2, which also stars Wes Bentley. Ouch. That’s not an accolade you would want once, much less twice. Here’s the full list of the top 10 worst box office debuts, sans rereleases and any movies released in under 2000 theatres:

  • 1 – Oogieloves In the Big Balloon Adventure – $443 901 (2160 theatres)
  • 2 – Delgo – $511 920 (2160)
  • 3 – We Are Your Friends – $1.767 million (2333 theatres)
  • 4 – P2 – $2.08 million (2131 theatres)
  • 5 – Major League: Back to the Minors – $2.09 million (2322)
  • 6 – The Real Cancun – $2.11 million (2261 theatres)
  • 7 – College – $2.15 million (2320 theatres)
  • 8 – The Adventures of Pluto Nash – $2.18 million (2320 theatres)
  • 9 – Bandslam – $2.23 million (2121 theatres)
  • 10 – All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 – $2.26 million (2037 theatres)

And in case you were wondering, when not taking the number of theatres into account, the worst opening movie in history is United Passions, the widely panned $30 million FIFA funded biopic about the organization’s rise to power, which managed to only earn $607 from 10 theatres in its opening weekend earlier in the year. Yes, SIX HUNDRED AND SEVEN dollars. What’s worse – or better, depending on how you feel about the corrupt FIFA – is that the football governing body yanked it off circuit almost immediately, realizing that nobody wanted to see their ludicrous circlejerk of a movie, meaning that that’s all the money that movie will ever make. Brilliant!

Last Updated: September 1, 2015

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