10 things about From Dust you didn’t know

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I take it you’ve downloaded and played From Dust by now? If not then make sure you check out our review and then go and download it as it’s really worth the money.

But even if you have you most probably haven’t realised these 10 pretty incredible things about From Dust

I realised number 10 while playing but the rest are news to me

  1. The language you hear the tribes speaking in From Dust is a mix of Swahili and Malay languages.
  2. The Volcano sounds in the game have been recorded from real, active volcanoes.
  3. The Eyjafjöll eruption in 2010 had a serious, but positive impact on From Dust, since it allowed Ubisoft to hold a meeting with the editorial management who couldn’t leave Paris due to the ash cloud. During this meeting an important decision to show the game at GDC and E3 was made.
  4. From Dust was not intended to be a god game at the very beginning but more a RTS game.
  5. Trekking on erupting volcanoes has been a major influence for Eric Chahi to create From Dust.
  6. From Dust received the Best strategy game Award from games critics.
  7. The wild environments were inspired by Socotra Island.
  8. The game includes some exotic species; it is possible to create water from nothing: putting a fire tree and a water tree close to each other in the game.
  9. The games controls were designed from the very beginning to be used with a game pad.
  10. The musical approach in From Dust is very unique, in that it is played by the tribes and villages directly from inside the game.

Last Updated: August 5, 2011

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