Two Move controllers required to gain a Platinum in Sports Champion

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Are you horribly addicted to trophies on your PS3? Do you classify getting a Platinum in a game as the ultimate gaming achievement? Well then you are going to need to buy 2 Move controllers to continue your addiction in the upcoming Sports Champion.

iWaggle has revealed the full list of trophies available in Sports Champions and the one that jumps out is ‘Look Ma, 2 Hands’ which you unlock by

"Play at 1 match of Gladator Duel, Archery, and Beach Volleyball in Champion’s Cup or Free Play using two motion controllers"

While I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first game that requires 2 controllers to get a trophy/achievement it is the first for the Move, since it hasn’t been released yet.

Either way you are going to want 2 controllers for archery to get the full feel of it so this isn’t anything to be the least bit worried about.

Source: iWaggle

Last Updated: August 16, 2010

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