2008 in review, the 360 loses ground, the Wii dominates and the PS3 revives itself

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Around about a year ago we posted the American full year console sales for 2007 and said that we could come back to it a year later to do a quick comparison

Well to do a quick recap in 2007 the console sales went something like

Wii  – 6.29 million
360 – 4.62 million
PS2 – 3.97 million
PS3 – 2.56 million

Now NPD haven’t released the December figures yet but it we use the NPD stats for January to November and then add in the VGChartz stats for December we get to a close enough figure for our comparison (NPD + VGChartz = total).

  Official NPD Stats VGChartz Total
Wii 8,001,000 3,162,172 11,163,172
Xbox 360 2,818,900 1,611,184 4,430,084
Real Xbox 360 3,295,400 1,611,184 4,906,584
Playstation 2 2,092,300 480,369 2,572,669
Playstation 3 2,818,900 740,675 3,559,575

The first thing that jumps out at me is the fact that the Xbox 360’s sales have dropped year on year by around 200 000 units, dropping sales is never a good thing and this will worry Microsoft a lot. They will need to find a new Halo and soon if they want to keep their lead over the PS3.

Speaking of the PS3, it has improved it’s sales by just over a million units which is obviously fantastic news for Sony and I am sure they will be even happier with the fact that the PS3 outsold the PS2 year on year.

The Wii is a beast in it’s own right, last year it’s 6.3 million sales were heralded as the beginning of the end and that we would now see the Wii drop off the face of the earth. Well expect to hear more of that idiotic nay saying now that they cracked over 11 million in a single year.

The Wii is getting stronger and stronger and I doubt we will see anything overtake it this year, especially with the recession looming large.

So what else can you see in these figures and more importantly, who really won the war in 2008?

[Update] OddSock has been kind enough to show me that I miscopied the Xbox 360 figures from the NPD site… which means that most of this story is now false… 

Huge apologies for that, we are human after all 🙁

Last Updated: January 5, 2009

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