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2013 to bring the biggest DGL yet

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The 2013 Do Gaming League will be the biggest and best eSports league we’ve seen from Telkom and Do Gaming since the AGASA leagues started in 2005. Seven new titles including League of Legends, Quake Live, Black Ops 2 and Dota 2 will be added to the line up.  

Here’s the breakdown of what the league will look like next year.


  • Premier Games: Titles expected to draw the most numbers (entries) and be the most competitive. These titles will see more coverage on the Do Gaming website, receive sponsors and will be played at the Do Gaming Championships.
  • League Games: Titles expected to draw less numbers and other titles to only be hosted depending on entries. Titles showing enough interest will be included in the Do Gaming Championships. 

Game Titles:

Premier Leagues

• Counter-Strike: GO 
• DotA 2
• League of Legends 
• Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 
• Battlefield 3 

League Games

• Call of Duty 4 
• Medal of Honor: Warfighter (dependant on entries) 
• Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (dependant on entries) 
• Starcraft II (1v1) 
• Starcraft II (2v2) 
• Quake Live (1v1) 
• Quake Live (2v2) 
• FIFA 13 – PC 
• FIFA 13 – PS3 
• FIFA 13 – Xbox 360 (dependant on entries) 
• Gran Turismo 5 
• Forza 4

Modern Warfare 3 and FIFA 13 Xbox 360

Both these titles were expected to be excluded from the league in 2013, but Do Gaming has decided to keep it going due to requests from the community. However, these titles will not be hosted should they not reach the numbers required by the admin team.

Modern Warfare 3 will require a number of 50 or more teams to enter while FIFA 13 Xbox 360 will require 75 players or more.

The 2013 Do Gaming League will include the most titles to date, it’s also expected to up the game with sponsors and prizes, the league saw prizes to the value of over R1 million this year. Gamers interested in competing in the league can register here. If you’re new to the comp scene, you can learn more about how the Do Gaming League works by reading this article.

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Last Updated: November 28, 2012

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