360 Can't Handle MGS4 Engine

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Okay so every other day I come across some or other article comparing the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Its usually either a case of fanboys going at one another about which exclusives are better and why.

The rest of the articles are filled with layers of technical jargon in which case there’s always so many excuses for the PS3’s underperformance and Xbox 360 reaching its peek but none of that really interests me all that much. I just want to play some games and find out more about what’s out there.

Now if you’re looking forward to Metal Gear Solid: Rising coming to the Xbox 360 and you’ve read the title for this article then you may be worried. The truth is that a number of reports have stated that MGS: Rising will be making use of a new engine since the Xbox 360 can’t handle the MGS 4 engine.

Yeah I had a nervous gulp after reading that too but you’d be amazed to hear that the game may actually look better!

That right apparently Kojima Productions Team have had to craft a new engine for the Xbox 360 and PC versions. Supposedly the game could actually look better in terms of graphics, but they’ll do this by employing their tools and knowledge of the hardware.

So does this mean that Rising won’t fit the MGS franchise conventions and will have a completely different look and style to other MGS titles? I gotta say that if it doesn’t then it all seems like a bit of a waste of time though since I’m sure there must’ve been a way to adapt or optimize the MGS 4 engine.

Source: Maxconsole & Examiner

Last Updated: June 16, 2009

  • WitWolfyZA

    BS man! If the G5 engine is gonna look better i dont see why it cant be done for Xbox. Look at FF13. I rest my case

  • Aequitas

    Seriously …. The platforms are so very different, that the chances of getting something like MGS4s engine (which was custom designed to run on a PS3) running on an xbox is minimal. The hardware differences are so large that anything using the cell processor properly cannot run on the xbox, just like anything using the xbox multicores to great extent can’t run on the PS3.

    If you create an engine that can use both, you make one that works on both, but doesn’t use either to their full potential … unless you are like epic, and have an editor layer/scripting engine running on top of base engine code, with disparite code paths for each console.

    but i digress.

    They were *always* going to make a new engine to get an MGS game onto xbox … to think otherwise is silly.

  • WitWolfyZa

    Konami/Kojima productions never stated that it wasnt possible for the 360, They said that they wanted to stick to the PS3 for loyalty reasons. And according to MS they stated numberous times that MGS4 would run without any problems or even better.

    And FYI the architech of both the Cell and Power PC chip said, there is really no difference in preformance from either console

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