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76 million Xbox 360’s sold worldwide

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We recently let you know that the PS3 was wining the HD console race by way of some figures from the International Data Corporation that claimed the PS3 had sold through 77 million units. That’s apparently not entirely true, and the numbers cited were “shipped, not sold.” The race is close though; Microsoft’s just announced that 76 million Xbox 360’s have been sold worldwide to date.

Here are a number of other interesting stats and titbits, courtesy of Microsoft senior VP Yusuf Mehdi.

  • Since July, the Xbox Live community burned 200 million calories using Kinect workout programs and games
  • Xbox Delivered 18 Billion Hours Of Entertainment In 2012
  • Family content viewing on Xbox Video grew over 400 per cent
  • The Hunger Games broke the record for biggest opening day on Xbox Video
  • According to Experian Simmons Spring 2012 Media survey, 38 per cent of Xbox Live players are female
  • Experian data also shows that 54 per cent of the community has at least one child in the household
  • Entertainment app usage grew 57 per cent year over year
  • 24 million Kinect sensors have been sold worldwide
  • The Xbox Live community now boasts 46 million subscribers, a 15 per cent YOY growth
  • Xbox 360 has been the number one selling console for 24 consecutive months in the U.S.
  • 76 million consoles have been sold worldwide

Interesting that the stats are all about how the Xbox is becoming the supreme media and entertainment centre, and very little about games. entertainment app usage grew 57 per cent? Faulty logic tells me that must mean people are playing fewer games; and is probably why Microsoft seems so keen to push the current Xbox and indeed its unannounced next console as entertainment behemoths

Still, 18 billion hours worth of entertainment is nothing to be sneezed at – and neither is Kinect, because it’ll inevitably read that as a command to throw grenades in-game.

Last Updated: February 12, 2013

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