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90% of users back on PSN? I don’t believe it

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According to the Sony CEO, Howard Stringer, 90% of PN users have already returned to the service since it came back up. Pretty much showing that they have bounced back from the abyss with very little residual effects.

The problem is I just can’t believe that.

It’s not that I think most people wouldn’t return to the PSN or that I have any faith in society to actually make a joint stand for what was done wrong to them or anything as altruistic as that.

It’s more to do with that I severely doubt 90% of PSN users are even remotely close to active, in effect I severely doubt 90% of PSN (Xbox Live, Facebook etc) users ever log into their account every month so if 90% of PSN accounts have logged in again it not only shows trust in Sony but rather an absolutely incredible loyalty and desire to be part of the PSN which would eclipse any other network on the planet.

In essence I just don’t believe it.

What I would believe is that 90% of the daily or weekly active PSN accounts have signed back into the PSN since it came back up, that’s believable to me.

In the same Q&A session Howard Stringer was also asked whether he should possibly fall on his own sword and resign since he was in charge during this controversial period and their stock price is still dropping. Needless to say he isn’t going anywhere yet but unless he can turn around that all important stock price he may well be forced out before the end of the year.

In related news, apparently Howard’s pay packet has been dropped by 15% this year due to the attack on Sony since some of his pay packet is related to Sony’s profits. But don’t feel bad he still walked away with just under R30 million rand for the year… yeah that’s not a typo.

Source: Andriasang

Last Updated: June 29, 2011

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