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+9000 internet skill, gamer caps level 80 in Guild Wars 2

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A French gamer named Surfeuze has already reached level 80 in Guild Wars 2 and achieved this amazing feat of internet skill before the launch of the game. For the rest of the world this is something near impossible, but not for the French!

Vive la France! Being the most romantic country on the planet, Surfeuze is destined to rake in the internet ladies from all over the world. According to this post on MMO Culture, he levelled his character by crafting with materials provided by his guild mates. A member from the guild War Legend said that Surfeuze had played the game normally at times as the entire levelling process was not done solely by crafting. The first 60 levels were achieved by normal gameplay and the last 20 by crafting.

Causing quite the up roar in the community, ArenaNet investigated the matter, first claiming that something was fishy and that they were going to fix it. Only to confirm that it was legit and no exploits were used.

War Legend also emailed MMO Culture with an official statement explaining the achievement, it reads as follows:


“I’d like to give you a little more explanation about our methods (even though I saw the “update”).

Due to some rumors about an “all craft levelling” plus Mike O’Brien’s message about “abnormal leveling” on reddit, most people seem to think that the achievement isn’t legit, so we’d like you, if possible, to explain that the fisrt 60 levels were done in “classical” PvE and without any “exploit bug” or “cheat”. Only the lasts 20 levels used crafting, we didn’t use WvW either.

To summarize : PvE and crafting were the only used methods, and we firmly affirm that all this was normal and “legal”.
Thank you for unerstanding.
War Legend Webteam”


Last Updated: August 28, 2012

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