A History of Evony Ads – The insanity continues [Updated-Again]

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If you have browsed a gaming site on the Internet over the past few months then I can guarantee you have come across the ads for the free online game Evony at some point.

While these ads started quite normally with a request to come and play a free online strategy game we have seen these requests degenerate into something pretty extraordinary since then.

The latest ad is seriously pushing boundaries of what is acceptable to publish on Google and really it’s just starting to get a little bit embarrassing for the company.

Take a click through to see all the Evony ads I was able to dig up and watch them degenerate into a blatant plea for clicks.

[Update] This story continues to receive a large amount of interest so I will continue to try and keep it updated, feel free to leave links to any new adverts in the comment section

Take 1


Take 2


Take 2.5 (Thanks fizix)

Take 3


Take 4


Take 5


Take 6


Take 7


Take 8


Take 9


Update – Take 10 (it got better… worse)

Naked Lady in Sauna

Update – Take 11


Take 12



Take 13 – 2 for 1?


Take 14 – Older ones to try and make this list complete


Take 15 – Pretty in Pink


Take 16 – A new blonde and a golden oldie



Take 17 (Thanks P33Z)

Take 18 (Thanks to Miss Coconut)

Take 19 (Inspired by Avatar)

Take 20 (Obviously not enough flesh in the last one, thanks: SSFF6B)

Take 21 (Obviously that promise about moving away from naked women has failed)

It’s classier but I think we are all looking at the same thing here, thanks to P33Z for the tip

Take 22 (After months of standard ads Evony is starting to make a comeback)

It’s not bad but at the same time it has absolutely nothing to do with the game

Last Updated: August 13, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • sheesh and they wonde why they only have Half a million players online 😛

  • spl0it

    The are hoping to trigger to Boob-Click reflex

  • I really don’t think the company who owns Evony is worried about being embarrassed, they own a WoW gold farming company 😛

  • RossiRSA

    Is number 7 and 9 real or a joke?

    • Marcus Snow

      Very late reply, but 7 and 9 were in fact real! I remember seeing them back in the days before adblocker. (When I say them, I mean the ads… not the….nevermind!)

  • All real…. 100%

    • DarthRandal

      That’s what she said.

  • fallen_angel

    ‘come play my lord’…oh no wait its a booby trap

  • spl0it

    Lollersubmarine :w00t:

  • ace

    it works , i signed up, acutally a very good game but takes up so much time…

  • Faheem

    I’m not sure. They look a little too perfect. Wait a sec… what are we talking about here? :tongue:

  • careful

    I would stop playing and immediately scan your computer for adware/spyware and viruses. The site is known to install malware.

  • bunch of cunts (thats you lot)

    What’s your fucking problem with the ads. Sex sells. Little hormonal boys, middle aged men who;s wife’s have turned 40 and look at 18 year old girls and think I want to fuck you cause I can as most 18 year old girls are slags, and fat bald sweaty men over the age of 30 will play this game as it has a pair of tits in the ad. Don’t you pricks know anything. I am rich (and I mean rich) cause I exploit people and situations like slags and sex. Your all jealous and I don’t care. Go fuck yourself and your ugly fat mums.

    • rick

      Hi Wartune’s ad manager!

  • MoralHighGround

    If you’re going to stand on your soapbox and bitch about it, maybe you should make sure you’re not contributing to the problem yourself. You’re advertising Evony on this very article! Dumbass.

    Here’s proof!

    • HannahRak007

      LOL, right on this website haha.

      • Evony used to cycle the domains they were advertising from making it nearly impossible to stop them appearing on the site if you had Google Ads.

        Thankfully google cracked down on that and now they should no longer appear 🙂

  • http://bit.ly/dhSDGJ

    I take it you enjoy the Evony site quite a bit?

  • Actually I have requested on quite a few occasions now for Google to stop serving Evony ads but it seems to be impossible… or I just don’t know how to do it 🙂

    The other option is to stop serving Google ads but I suspiciously think that hosting Googles ads increases page rank… I could be wrong but why take the chance 😉

  • You can’t really get rid of them, that’s the problem. By the way, it’s google that’s serving up the evony ads not the owner of this site or reviewer of this article. And like LazySAGamer said the only other option is to stop using google adsense. So we put up with this little annoyance.

  • BrokenDarkne55

    TITS every fu*king-wear, where you go there’s gotta be a wh*re in some add about stuff you never give a s*it about anyway Bitch-add invasion

  • I just found this in the adsense help forums “Hi everyone — thanks for your patience so far. We’ve received all of your feedback and have looked into your concerns. Any Evony ads should now point only to evonyonline.com, so having evonyonline.com on your filter list should now effectively block all Evony ads. If you still see ads after adding this URL to your filter (and it’s been over 48 hours since you’ve added it), reply to this thread and we’ll look into it.” – Here’s the url to the thread – http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/AdSense/thread?tid=7c9ef267b8b3c01f&hl=en

  • Thanks for that… On my way to add it now.

  • MoralHighGround

    If that’s truly the case, I rescind my previous remarks. Good on ya’.

  • response to: uneducated loser.

    Just, FYI “bunch of cunts (thats you lot)”, sex doesn’t sell. Sex only sells sex, its a known fact in the media world that using sex to sell things other than sex doesn’t work.

    Good try troll.

  • georgeenoob

    Played the game and it had nothing to do with boobies 🙁

  • The next ad will have a woman with nothing but whipped cream on her privates and a button saying “Click here for sex”

  • JewishNinja

    According to wiki there were even more adds:

  • sex sells

    Your all right, sex sells sex and that’s all it is. Unfortunately some people get hurt along the way. Oh well lives shite and we all know it.

  • gargamel

    Ah, I sense overcompensating. How much are Evony paying you to slag people off on forum boards?

  • сдфсдфдсф

    well sure, it’s a civilization rip off…

  • winsonkoh
  • Tiffany

    Srsly! “Play DISCRETELY”? Why would a simple game cloned for browser based play need to be played discretely. The advertisers know what they are doing with intent.

  • gazz

    wow the last two niiice but there wearing too much lol 😀

  • PandaFace

    those ppl are just peices of crap. the game is boring too 🙄

  • Wow is 9 real or is it just sexy and hot? 😛

  • lol apparently number 3 they just ripped straight from a fancy dress costume website http://blog.costumecraze.com/2009/05/dubious-civony-game-uses-costume-photo

  • Telos

    These ads are fricken everywhere. I really don’t understand what a scantily clad woman in a seductive pose has to do with building a civilisation. :getlost:

  • Alan Kemmer

    I have an idea of what the next advertisement will be. A girl covering up here boobs with her hands and her “you know what” will be cut off the edge of the ad and the advertisements will say “Wanna see more? Click here and play now!”

  • qwerty

    Take 8,I want this bigger,pls.

  • Make 8 and 7 bigger! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

  • Awie_is_n_Pirate

    Oui, certainment, des femmes bien sûr toujours montré leur poitrine au Moyen âge :pirate:

  • ewrqqr

    They have 1 million players online now!

    I wonder what percent have played the game for more than one hour (even one minute)?

    Evony is a disgrace to all RTS Makers (and all gamers)…

    Now they are using pop-ups. I saw one yesterday…

  • asddfas
  • Kip

    Also, keep in mind that Evony is running ads with multiple ad networks. So while Google has their ads under control (just add evonyonline.com to your filter to remove all the ads at once), a lot of the other ad networks still have to play catch up. So Evony has moved a lot of their advertising to the other ad networks and made the creatives more risque than ever.

    In fact, the last three ads you posted in the list all served on Non-Google ad networks.

    Don’t be so quick to judge Google when the issue lies with multiple ad networks. 🙂

  • come play with my p… oh no ….come play my lord 🙂

  • Viitard

    I think the girl on Take 9 is Natasha Nice. It looks like her, at least..

  • The Answerer

    Woman is Natalie Gauvreau for all you legends out there.

  • So What?

    I played this game and actually it was great if you would play maybe 15 minutes a day and just upgrade your stuff. The copy right stealing is just plain retarded though, the girl isnt even hot. For people complaining about the ads and your children seeing them or whatever, im sorry but just deal with it dont bitch about it. I mean you cant tell me if you had a boy you wouldnt feel proud if he fucked number 9. I would

  • Mike

    Well.. the ads are real. The other parts… ehm…

  • rob mckenna
  • oh nice… they are good at getting these shots right at least

  • stinkythedog

    The ironic thing about the evony ads is that the ads and any discussion about the ads is prohibited in the evony forums,posting the ads or even discussing the ads is a bannable offense. I guess evony doesnt mind polluting the internet with it`s deceptive ads but when it comes to it`s own site it wants no part of the ads or discussion about the ads.

  • Mackie

    This is a new low for internet advertising! Embarrassing…

  • dirtyape

    fap fap fap fap

  • plasmacannon

    lolz it look fine if ask me with the knight but then thats just weird if u ask me it could be a porn site?!??!?! :pinch: :pinch: :pinch: :pinch:

  • spaceface

    where can I sign up

  • djfang

    ther is a new crappy evony ad…. but atleast its a little more decent, it show’s the girl in a full white dress(some one is lieing…) forgot to screan shot, soz

  • I now have an erection and wish to play evony.
    I also have a hankering for chicken chow mein special fried rice sweet and sour chicken balls curry sauce and prawn crackers.

  • i totally got fooled by the boob-click reflex. this is false advertising and should prolly be reprimanded

  • mumu

    Hahaha, you see ads, idiot. Adblock+ is required.

  • You do realise that the only way content websites make money is through adverts and if more and more people use adblockers then content providers will either go out of business or invent more and more intrusive methods of advertising.

    I personally find adblockers to be an incredibly selfish application and honestly wonder about their legality… but that’s a post for a different site 😛

  • JC

    It’s false advertising, yes. One, there’s no women to save. Two, there’s nothing relating to any of aforeshown women in the game. Three: I seen a flash banner on another site claiming it has 9 million players. Which is more than likely lies, or else everyone on the development team suddenly started making new idle accounts to make up the numbers.

    Screengrab of 9M claim:

  • WTF

    Really? It’s well known in the media? I don’t know what media worlds you travel in, but sex will sell ice cubes to Eskimos in most places. You British pillock.

  • WTF

    How did some guy selling his online game become a “bitch-add invasion”. Every single person involved in this thing is a dude. How come women became the bad guy? Y’all are the ones fascinated by the boobies! :biggrin:

  • brodz

    haha, some new ones I haven’t seen. you’re also missing a bunch I have seen. the ones with the brunette mainly. idunno I live in japan maybe thats why I see different ones.

  • Zelna

    So it’s true then. Money can’t buy you manners, style or a new personality! You can have all the money in the world but, by the looks of your comments you will always be a loser…. :sick:

  • sanuelduh

    ew wtf is this dudes problem seriously we dont want to see giant breasts in are face when we go on a game …. :sick:

    • coolguy

      wot? y eva not?
      u get game n sexy time in 1 o yea!

  • ExDEE

    Take 7. was just lol. :blink:

  • HiBob

    Of course they are legal unless you agree to some form of EULA saying you will not block the ads. It’d be like saying that buying a newspaper and throwing away the classified or cutting out the ads was illegal.

  • Not Home

    :whistle: She’s hawt! :wub: And it’s free! :w00t: I don’t think I need anything else in life!

  • Joeseph Shwartz

    :alien: ating :wub: from this game is :devil:, but men :heart: it, so they click on it.
    the ads make me want to :sick: so be a :angel: and dont play

  • JFX

    Well, makes me giggle. I have a few friends that play this game, i guess they will never have any dignity again.

  • AnonymityMeansNoFreedoms

    You’re a righteous prick, MoralHighGround. Don’t think you rule any territory here before you force your opinion on others,

  • Mike Pataky

    Thats all fake bullshit. Ive been playing Evony for months now and have never seen any of those ridiculous ads. Someone just made those..

  • Yeah good point, still not a fan though 🙂

  • =O

    Ha! nice… :w00t:

  • Ethan

    Nope, 100% real, I’ve seen all of those ads before while i was playing other games… I mean, its not like i was TRYING to pay attention to them, but they were there… :whistle: 😉

  • whats wrong with you


  • Drake

    Naw, it’s not like you’re defacing billboards… you’re simply choosing to prevent content from running on your own computer. If they pay you for your computer and electricity, maybe they might make a case that they have a -right- to do so, but seeing as they do not, you have the right to deny them access to your own resources.

  • Moocher

    Well… prostitution is the oldest profession… :whistle:

  • deathfire

    I played Evony back when it was called Civony.
    God that game was boring. I hate those ad’s there every where. I hope the people making all that stuff get sued.

  • some guy

    they have loads of ads. all of a sudden they just sprouted on every internet page i went on

  • Ur Mum

    And here’s the problem, you’re getting lured into disappointment by thinking it’s porn and instead you get a crappy fantasy game.

    Advertise Evony for what is is already.

  • Duo

    Why not just advertise it for what it is rather then luring people in thinking they’ll get porn?

  • Casey

    For those under some absurd pretension that these are not real advertisements, browse around the World of Warcraft Wiki. They’re everywhere – http://www.wowwiki.com

  • not narutaki


  • JoeyZ

    New one akin to the last one.

    In a sick way it makes want to go to the page and oogle them but still…. :blush:

  • It is not just the advertising. There is a lot more wrong with Evony as I have documented in a number of articles. Here is a summary: http://www.bruceongames.com/2009/10/19/evony-and-bruceongames/

  • Tiger Fan

    OMG! People are being forced against their will to see clevage. This is terrible. Call in the National Guard. This is the end of civilization as we know it.

  • i think the game is awesome but the ad r not

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe all of these Evony things. One of them even said that there were 9,000,000 players. Not to be believed, eh? Well, one thing is for certain: I saw a review for Evony, and in all honesty, it’s just a clone of a game called Travian. It’s at the very least a better, more DECENT game that is set in anchient times. Man, I feel like a walking travian add now. You can read some reviews, and if you’ve played travian, all I can say is that it’s a near exact game, and it came before Evony. I just hate how they think that we will get suckered in by their sex adds. It’s completely ludicrous.

  • cc

    don’t look! i have not performed lust :angel:*look* :devil:

  • cc

    *right click* :whistle: *save picture* 😆

  • lol

    they could get sued for some of their adds, 1. because not all their own content (i expect they paid a few visits to porn sites) 2. because 1 of them contains wild flashing, causing migranes or epilepsy fits..

  • Family Guy

    Hot girl make me want wheel, maybe if me buy wheel, me get hot girl!

  • Anonymous
    • Thanks I have added it into the listing…

    • Newest.

    • dylan

      i think this stuff is bull crap it makes my game lag it is bull crap the games no good ether :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :alien: :alien:

  • does anybody know who the two girls on the latest ad are?

  • Evony ads rule

    me wanna know too

  • Todd

    here’s another one http://imgur.com/V5neH.png

  • Anonymous

    This is actually a gif, but i’ll post just this one frame, anyways, I’m confused o.o


  • Lee

    I am a student studying computer games design at uni and decided to investigate Evony.com.
    Just to see what some of these games are like etc. etc.
    The game is actually kind of cool (found myself addicted and even spent a little money on it).
    But I started to notice HUGE bandwidth use by the site as I played.
    I am not the only one either, there are comments on the evony forums about this.
    This is odd because all of the client info, the animations etc. are all downloaded in one big download at the start.
    There is no streaming media so I began to wonder what was going on.

    To cut a long story short I decided to break the law and reverse engineer Evony’s client.
    Not to cheat. Not to rip them off or even to use even a scrap of the code.
    But just to poke about a bit and find out what was going on, maybe even offer them some ways to improve things.

    Aside from the fact that the whole thing is very poorly constructed (it is really very beginner coder level stuff. Reminds me of a lot of
    what the first year students produce for assignments) it contained some very interesting information.

    Included with the client are 2 peices of tracking software that monitor your web use and which applications you have open while the client is running.
    These do not install independently on the machine though due to the limitations of flash and do not actually damage anything.
    But they harvest massive volumes of information. My firewall was blocking a lot of outgoing transmissions and it turns out that these
    were the data trying to be sent out. So they know nothing about me. lol.
    However there is a LOT of data coming IN over the ports the client uses. In otherwords it is downloading something into my cache for use later.
    I have bandiwdth restriction which slows these types of tricks down and I completely clear my cache every couple of hours if I am heavily using the net.

    I also noticed that all the varanbles etc. are named Civony still and that there are multiple references to UMGE.
    Even a couple of folders are simply called UMGE, one of these folders contains one of the spyware programs.
    So I can only guess at where the data would end up if I didnt have a good firewall.

    There are also commented out sections in the code which contain references to UMGE and Lam himself, though low on details.

    Thank you for reading this.


    • Poliuy

      two words: thank you

      • Jeeze, glad to have people like you. I also played Evony when It first came out as Civony, and it was addictive, a nice replacement to travian, which went down after i was a long term member. I started getting the original Frame 1 and 2 ads on my own personal site, and at first didn’t see anything wrong, but once the prerogative ads started coming out I had to have a nice lengthy chat with the admins of webs.com to make sure that the ads were removed from my page. It’s not appropriate to for the younger members of my site to have to see such things. They mainly come from the game Mydinos.com, and go from seeing cartoon dinosaurs, to half naked, and even topless women on my page not only sets a bad reputation for me, but for the users of mydinos. Simply put, it gets to a level of disgust when games push the issue in a desperate cry for attention.. it’s like a 14 year old girl, who either cries and cuts herself, or goes around with the football team around her arms.

        Evony is officially the corner girl of the internet world. Shame sex appeal had to be used on a game that has literally no reference at all.

    • not surprised

      This doesn’t surprise me. About a week after no longer playing Evony (due to how slow it made my computer), my computer “died” of what I think is a virus. I can still start it on safe mode and use it properly, but I will have to format the whole thing for it to ever work properly again.

      Are they connected? I don’t know, but it really wouldn’t surprise me as I never had any problems before playing Evony.

  • random


  • Anonymous


  • Chris Moors

    i wanna know what all of their names are :biggrin:

  • morphodor

    😎 :blush: :blush: :blush: :pirate: :wub: 😉 :whistle: :w00t: :tongue: :unsure: 🙂 :sleeping: :silly: :sick: :sick: :shocked: 🙁 :pouty: :alien: :angel: :angry: :blink: :blush: :cheerful: :devil: :dizzy: :ermm: :face: :getlost: :biggrin: :happy: :heart: :kissing: 😆 :ninja: :pinch:

    Find The pattern

  • Vedith

    I am so tired of these freaking ads! It’s trash. Can’t they think of some better and less degrading way to sell their crappy game? I’m so tired of seeing women treated as sexual objects. It makes me fucking sick. :sick:

    • Jeebus Crepes!

      Oh get over it you prude, the women signed up for the pictures AND the ads. One of the models even links to the pictures from her own site stating HERSELF that they were ads for EVONY.

      Get off your prudish high horse and get a dick will you? Just like saying “porn degrades women” WTFever… These women sign up for it, and if that is not good reason enough then you simply fail at empowering females because you would be claiming they are too weak minded to make their own decisions, so go crawl under the rock you came from ugly.

      • Got a link to the ladies website to check this out?

  • sercet message

    🙂 :sleeping: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :sleeping: 🙂 :sleeping: 🙂 :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: 🙂 :sleeping: 🙂 🙂 🙂 :sleeping: 🙂 :sleeping: :sleeping: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    A sercet message is encoded

  • Heineko Kaze

    So… Evony… Desperate much? :blink:

  • Fail

    When I clicked on anonymous’s link I got the very same ad as he posted >.>

  • Zachary Nicoll

    Has anyone ever used tineye.com? Here are the links to the original photos I could find. Including those two blondes for you guys.
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3975587709/
    You’re welcome.

  • seriously

    seriously. evony doesn’t even HAVE anything CLOSE to these naked girls.
    it was only good in the first week, too. now it’s a grind. worse than runescape
    far worse than maplestory

  • zorkon

    Wow… I’ve seen all of these ads around… over a thousand times. I play a flash game, it’s there. I check my email, it’s on the sidebar. I chat with my friends, it pops up. I read an article on miley cyrus… (don’t judge!) it’s there. The worst (or best) part is, even when you do moderate safe search for google and others, they still show up because it’s not technically porn. I don’t know if i love it, or hate it… EH!!! :angel: :devil: :pirate: :ninja: :sick:

  • Abby

    This seriously makes me not want to play it anymore. And it’s embarrassing when I try to log on to Evony and my mom or little sister is here and they get to see some slut’s boobs. It’s disgusting.

  • wil i am

    omg i saw 1advert i dont remember when but it said like naughty fun or some shit! can u belive it! its nothing like that!!

  • Ken Ober

    :biggrin: :biggrin: :cwy: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

  • Snider

    first time i have seen a picture of this evony with the girls i thought it was a porno site! just embarassing how they changed there pictures,

    But.. i have to say that the chicks are looking good.

  • I’m been seeing this and wondering what the hell?

  • I play Evony/Civony and it is really addictive but when someone I know was disgusted by me playing Evony/Civony I really wondered why but I started looking around today and I see why: Hot girls from porn sites. I’ve got to admit they are hot and pretty, it was terrible for such a awesome game to do such terrible things like this. Also I heard from certain contacts (would be sued if named) told me that they are about to raise a contract with the website: “http://www.naughtyallie.com” .
    (Hot girls who would never thought to be advertising for amtuer strategy games.)

  • nick

    i have always seen these adds if i want to see naked chicks ill just go on the internet , i always knew this game was dodgey , they should be taken down somehow since game is spyware im pretty sure its illegal some iphone apps were harvesting phone numbers and there in deep shit.

  • Good job compiling it 🙂
    but I think there are at least 2 more ads missing from the list.

    Here’s one more

    and the other one is I remember the girl on Take 14,16 has done another pose. if I found it, I’ll post it here

  • James

    Hey Evonny is one of many korean games that companies have set up so lazy americans will play but then get pissed cuz they aint high level and buy everything from the ingame store

  • alex

    doed anyone know the name of the latest evony ad girl in white tank top? pls say it here if u know ^^

  • me

    I do not stand alone in the protest of these racy advertisements.
    It is unacceptable to post these half naked women, touching themselves, in nothing but a bra. I know that you didn’t make these ads, but I request that you stop supporting the Evony company.
    Their marketing tactics are violating my rights as a woman!
    They make me feel like I am an object.
    They exploit women’s bodies as nothing but a ploy!
    You are decorating your site with porno adverts. These women are touching themselves, and this has NOTHING to do with the game. Evony doesn’t feature any princesses, damsels to be saved, or ‘discrete’ sexual entertainment.
    Until you refuse to approve of this corrupt, degrading, objectifying, sexist advertisements I will stop visiting your website. :angry:

    • coolest

      No one gives a shit we like sexy woman and its not like u’re doing the ad so fark off.

    • coolest

      We love sexy woman and “me” its not like u’re doing the fking ad so stfu. Those who want to do the ad its their prob and let them be

    • Sarah

      Instead of crying over web adverts, you could get off your computer and try to make a ‘real’ change.

    • I actually missed this comment before.

      Honestly I see nothing wrong with women being models and making a good living from doing adverts like this. I do not pretend to judge them or dictate my morals upon them.

      They also cannot violate your rights as a woman, you are not being forced to model wearing nothing but bra’s.

      You are also not a regular visitor so your threat to never return is baseless… but seeing as your email is also false I just ranted to myself..

      See who’s the fool now :blush:

      And now we can get back to our regular programming

  • Really Cool Kid

    No one gives a shit, above poster.

  • guest

    The two girls in the ad are Sarah Scotford and Amy Lynn Grover.

  • koopeh

    so do we get to see big titties?

  • evony hater

    ^ that would be good and bad. I mean if we finally see the ads for naked girls that would be cool, but heck i cant imagine my self just browsing the net with those ads around and my mum, sis or father see me!!! that would suck

  • Evony player.

    I read somthing else like this before about some guy gathering information up about evony to sue them. The ads have been pupblished without the girls being notifed about it. They stole it our the web or somthing like that.

  • I read about some guy gathering information about evony to take them to cout. Evony ads (One with girls in) Should be aloud there done without the girls permission to use them, They stole them off the internet some how.

  • Charred Bacon

    You know i was never interested in this game because I was playing LOTRO at the time. But I thought this was a porno game for the longest time because i never seen the original background. :blink:

  • Itsme

    More Tits 🙂

    new banner: http://bit.ly/cXpVGl

    leads to:

  • p33Z
  • cooldude

    anyone know the name of the model in the white tank top? (currently the latest ad) ^^

  • Found today; compiled into a bad .GIF animation by me,–the ad is a smooth flash animation: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2634/4223688656_7b8aaa32af_o.gif

  • aax

    who is “12 girl”?

  • I wanna have $e/ wit all after take 5 :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

  • x* srry

  • Spooky

    Guess what i now find a Evony advertisment at the bottom of the page advertising in a new way


    I played this game for over 4 months closer to 5 months in total, I reached it’s peaks that it allows one to reach without wasting real cash on it, and I recently quit it…
    my opinion and impression is that it’s a very addictive game, it makes you want to reach the targets of becoming strong which can take around 2 or 3 months depending on the time you spend playing it only in the end when you do become strong to get very boring and mechanical and everyone who has a clear head realizes that it’s a complete waste of time therefore they quit!
    The game itself advertises that they have over 15 Million registered users scattered in over 130 servers (each server they boast has over 100 000 players) but the truth is that they dont have more than 300 000 from all over the world who play it actively and they are scattered throughout those 130 servers.
    the good points of the game in my opinion is meeting people making new friends but beyond that it’s a failiure in both graphics as well as the game (you basically will never see any fighting going on it’s just imaginary and that’s what makes it addictive). As for the adds portraying girls with cleavage begging you to register in order to save them the closest you will ever get to seeing one in the game is comparable with chances of going to the moon without a space shuttle, so you judge it for yourself! :angel:

  • LuckySoB

    I did play this stupid game last year(it was still called Civony). I sheer irony of it all was that I met a beautiful girl while online. I figure I won the game! I saved my lover! :whistle:
    The actual game itself is a cheap chinese :pirate: ripoff of some real games made by real developers with real lawyers looking for some UMGE blood. :silly:

  • Evony is the AOL of the 2010’s.

  • Libra

    It’s funny, because the game sucks.

  • Uncle

    Probably the best ad campaign on the internets.

  • fizix



    I found these here:

    I believe the second link I provided is actually take two.

    And I know you’re missing at least one gif that is basically a moving screen of gameplay.

  • Remko
  • someone

    still waiting for full frontal nude Evony ads.

  • Bgavs
  • Its ridiculous, but also extremely successful. Look how many players they’ve managed to scrunge up. I played before and during the highly misleading ads, and saw people in the chatroom asking “Where are the chicks” and “Who wants to cyber”. lol

  • SSFF6B
  • Asmodeus

    Haha! The “Evony Online” ad campaign is an experiment in the effectiveness of advertising. Where did you think such a crap game would get the funds for hiring B-grade porn stars? The radical changes seen in each consecutive ad are experimental: some get more click over x amount of time and on y sites then others. :devil:

    • you dont need funds “to hire b-grade porn stars”
      these are stock photos.. from a monthly pay service.. which means you can sign up for one month… download thousands of photos and be covered for any use of them

      • Asmodeus

        My point exactly – It’sexperimental. They have certainly not gained much monetary profit from people who have played “Evony Online”!

  • Jakkanoryz

    the best i have ever seen, its interactive. you can make the parts bigger 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Steph

    I am SO sick of these ads! NOT EVERYONE IS A STRAIGHT MALE AND I HATE SEEING TITS EVERY TIME I GO ON A WEBSITE!!!! Not to meantion how awkward it is when someone looks over your shoulder like “w…t…f are you looking at?”

    • sophie

      i aggree even though im not a boy i hat seeing this and its embaressing for girls and me!!!! i feel sick now :shocked: :sick: :dizzy: :ermm: :unsure: :wassat:

      • claudia

        i agree, it’s hard enough to be a girl and go on gaming sites in general (bc a lot of commenters are immature sexist idiots) but then you see an ad like this and it’s like, this wasn’t written by a 13yo boy, this was made by an actual COMPANY…who must have all agreed that it was ok to take a shit on anyone who’s not a straight male

        • Asmodeus

          I’m a straight male with a libido a mile wide, and I still hate these ads – despicable, talentless.
          But it matters not to the company – every click on every ad is added to a comparative database.

  • Zeirce

    They’re trying SOO hard to get her naked. xD God, why don’t they just post some titties already and get it over with? LOL.

  • LeChatNoir

    No, I think take 19 is from Second Life

  • omg

    :w00t: plees give me some porn

  • BlasTuAwaY

    I… cannot… believe how desprate these Evony people are… What is this world coming to? Porn on role play ads today, Gangsta’s on Dora tomorrow… :devil:

  • 0xym0ron

    The internet IS for porn. People just don’t give a damn about civilization MMORPGs anymore. Where did everything go?

    Ah, which reminds me, you could get into several bad situations. If your child, wife, girlfriend walked into the room..

  • killer face

    guess what new advertisement that the ad makers just made says. “click on the body parts to create your ideal woman.” the picture is just a girl with light up breasts. as always. :shocked:

  • moo

    uh he wasent supporting it he was saying it’s wrong and how this is all the bad pictures

  • They didn’t just post another ad, NO! They made a whole website (that links back to Evony) http://in.tk.koramgame.com/template/new-nvsg/?u=102302&u2=tkonakt0154

  • P33Z
  • evony sucks!!!!!!!!! they make me :sick: !!!!!!!!! using near naked woman to advertise is sick gross and wrong :angry: !!!!! i hate those stupid idiots :angry: !!!!! we all should sue them 4 all they got then they cant advertise nude people 4 their site, heck, they wont have a site 🙂 !!!!!!well make them pay!!!!! because what they did was wrongand theyll regret ever doing it ,theyll end up poor and miserable all because they did that. so their sunk!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • lol


  • Anonymous

    :dizzy: The pictures on this site are the same as the ones elsewhere on the internet, and are just as bad. :sick:

  • Anonymous

    :ninja: I know how to block Evony ads (and other ads) from your browser.
    1. Get OpenDNS at http://www.opendns.com/ It’s free.
    2. Get Google Chrome at http://www.google.com/chrome It’s also free.
    3. In Chrome, right-click next to an Evony ad and click “Inspect Element.”
    4. Expand the tag containing the ad (You will know it has the ad because it will turn blue when your mouse is over it). Keep expanding the tags until you find an <embed> or <iframe> tag
    5. Copy the “src” for the tag and block it with OpenDNS


    I played Evony for 6 months. When the ad was the first one, that ad was fine with me. Then i go and i am on the net checking my email…..and guess what pops up!! A half-naked woman was on the side of my screen with the word EVONY on it! I was sickened. I had posted a link to evony on my site, and i removed it the day after i saw that! I hope evony gets what is coming to them! They should have kept the first ad, but they went WAY too far. it is so sick!! it makes me want to vomit!! evony, i have one thing to say to you, KISS MY ASS YOU JUST LOST A CUSTOMER! :shocked: :angry:

  • ur boy

    whoaaaaah whos take 17 soz shes a babe

  • these ad’s creator

    Sex also sell beer, liquor, web hosting, video games, fast food, and your mom… you putz

  • Meh

    You mean boob trap :alien:

  • Wild Bill

    There are newer ads out now with no cleavage, but I dont really care. Evony rocks! I met a bunch of chicks playing online.

  • Trantor

    There ads now look cooler. I wonder if they are starting to hear our concerns with the boob ads.

    Here’s a new one now: http://www.evony.com/evonyea19.html

  • Mateusz82

    Play discreetly? Is that to differentiate it from all the games you play ostentatiously?

  • Just Me

    Got to love ad blockers.

  • HungryHoodlum

    It’s still going on, with Wartune and League of Angels following in its footsteps unfortunately…

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