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A new Ouya every year?

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Ouya, the successfully kickstarted Android-powered home console is being released to the public in June at the very attractive price of $99. While I don’t think it’s going to give console gaming the kick up the bum that it needs, it’s certainly an intriguing little device.

I can’t honestly say that I’m interested in it as a games machine; instead I’d be looking at it as a potential mini XBMC HTPC and emulator for consoles past. Here’s a thing though; because it basically appropriates cellphone technology for use in a home console, it’ll will follow phones in having yearly iterative hardware updates. Yup; there’s going to be a new Ouya every year.

"As it relates to iterating the console and refreshes, our strategy is very much similar to the mobile strategy. There will be a new Ouya every year," Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman said to Joystiq. "There will be an Ouya 2 and an Ouya 3. We’ll take advantage of faster, better processors, take advantage of prices falling. So if we can get more than 8GB of Flash in our box, we will. And in so doing, make sure that all games are backwards compatible."

The first machine, available in June, will be powered by nVidia’s Tegra 3 mobile processor.

"We’re launching on the Tegra 3,” she said “It’s a quad-core A9 chip. Because it’s not a mobile device, we don’t have to balance power for battery life. So when all four quads are running, it’s 1.6GHz. It’s gonna be the best Tegra 3 device on the market."

We’ve had a look, and it seems as there’s no local distributor for the console as yet – but if it comes, would you be keen on picking one up – especially seeing as there’ll be a new one every year?

Last Updated: February 7, 2013

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