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Activision’s bringing The Walking Dead to life

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If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead (the comic or the show) and you haven’t played Telltale’s video game version, you really should. It’s slow-paced, thoughtful and captures the essence of the books – and the darkness inherent in human beings as they do all they can to survive. If thinking’s not really your thing, Activision’s got you covered. They’ll be releasing a Walking Dead first-person shooter – tied to the show – next year.

IGN says it’s a co-operative experience – and that you’ll get to play as either of the hillbilly brothers  Daryl and Merle Dixon as they make their way to Atlanta – so it’s a bit of a prologue to the AMC show, really. Zombies react to smell and sound – so there might be a bit of a more cerebral bent to the game, as you manage limited supplies of ammo and food in between bouts of shooting the undead in the face.

"No place is truly safe for Daryl as he makes his way through the Georgia countryside in this new, post-apocalyptic world," says Activision of the game, developed by Terminal Reality.

Here’s a trailer, showing close to nothing about the game. It’s worth noting that the last game that Terminal Reality made was…Kinect Star Wars for Lucasarts and Microsoft- so it’s probably best to set your expectations low.

Last Updated: July 9, 2012

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