PS3 Video DRM also draconian?

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PS3 Movie Store

A lot has been said about the draconian DRM embedded in Spore at the moment but EA games are far from being the only company to try to thwart piracy.

It seems that the movies you download from the PSN have a similar feature.

The rentals are able to be kept for 24 hours which I think is perfectly fair and there is nothing wrong with that. However the movies that you actually buy and download have some DRM inside them as well.

But I am not talking about the DRM that stops you copying them onto other devices or burning them onto a DVD.

If you delete a movie that you have paid for and downloaded from the PSN you cannot get it back. Yes they have a record of you paying for it but that doesn’t matter. The token you get is for one download only. (well if you ask nicely they will let you download it again but then that’s it)


Granted this isn’t a major issue, unless you follow Sony’s instructions and upgrade your hard drive… or have your PS3 die on you.

So you’re not allowed to back up your movies and if something goes wrong it’s called tough.. You can see that Sony are not pushing for digital distribution anytime soon.

So how long do you think that 40 Gig drive is going to last you now that you are installing half your games and cannot delete the movies you purchased?

Source: Arstechnica

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Last Updated: September 22, 2008

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