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All PS4 games will have remote play for the PS Vita

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One of the key selling points of the Playstation 4, is that Vita owners will finally have some use for their dusty handheld device. Playstation 4 games will all feature some form of remote-play when the PS4 launches. And that’s whether developers want to include it or not.

SCEE boss Shuhei Yoshida confirmed this on twitter via CVG this week, that all games made for the system will be mandated to have that function included, with the only exception being games that make use of the PS4 camera.

That rumoured requirement also originally surfaced with a Eurogamer Digital Foundry report, which said:

A trusted PlayStation 4 developer source with a proven track record for accuracy has told Digital Foundry that Sony has mandated Vita Remote Play for all upcoming PS4 games – except those that require the use of its bundled stereoscopic camera, the PS4 Eye.

This is most likely a move that will not please developers, but it is something that the Vita actually needs in order to push sales. The Vita is a great device as we’ve mentioned before, but it’s sorely lacking in the most vital department of all, and that’s games. And with Remote Play actually being a rather solid feature, it most certainly does need some more developer support.

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Last Updated: May 30, 2013

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