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Pokemon X and Y: New Pokemon,Team Flare and more

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Gotta catch ‘em all! If there’s one thing that Pokémon is famous for, besides pissing off the kind of people who believe that Evolution is a gateway drug to Satan, it’s the sheer amount of pocket monsters that accompany the release of each new game. Pokémon X and Y will have a bunch of them. Here are the ones that we know exist right now, including the five new monsters revealed today. BATTLE!

New types revealed today

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CoroCoro Magazine revealed the following new Pokemon today that Serebii then translated. Those Pokémon are:

  • Maika: A Dark/Psychic type squid.
  • Karamanero: Evolves from Maika and remains as a Dark/Psychic type.
  • Shushup: A Pokémon Y exclusive and a new member of the Fairy type category.
  • Peroppafu: A Pokémon X exclusive that has moves such as Drain Kiss.

In addition, the latest team that players will battle, in tradition with teams such as Rocket, Magma and Plasma is now known as Team Flare. Team Flare is led by a Gym Leader who goes by the name of Shitoron, with another Gym Leader under his ranks who is called Zakuro.

Starter Types

Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie

Chespin FennekinFroakie

What Pokemon game would be complete without the obligatory starter types? As usual, the trio of Pokemon on offer will be a Water, Grass and Fire type. Each one has a type strength and weakness compared to their two counterparts, so choose wisely.

Legendary Pokemon


Since Pokémon Gold and Silver, each new game in the core franchise has always had two mascots represent the series. Also, it can make some mad cash that way.

Xerneas is one of the new Fairy-Type Pokémon to debut, while Yvetal is a Dark/Flying type hybrid that balances out the additions to the Legendary roster.

Bug Type Pokemon


This year sees a new rival to the Weedle, Caterpie and Wurmple Pokémon, with the arrival of Spewpa. Spewpa has two evolutions, evolving first into Scatterbug and then finally into Vivillon.

Fighting Type


Only two new Pokémon have been revealed in this regularly overlooked category. Pancham is that sole Fighting type debut so far, and by the looks of him, has a Kung-Fu Panda influence when raised properly. Pancham evolves into Goronda via an unknown method.

Flying Type


Fletchling is your common Flying-type bird Pokémon for this generation, but at least it comes with an evolution that is worth the effort of raising. Talonflame is a hybrid Fire and Flying-type, making it the first such Pokemon since Generation 3’s Torchic and its respective evolutions.

Fire Type


Moving on from there, Litleo joins Talonflame and Fennekin as one of the revealed Fire-types so far. It has no known evolution yet.

Water Type


Joining Froakie is Clauncher, who probably tastes delicious when boiled alive. Now that’s a Pokemon episode that is waiting to be banned in the West! No known evolutions yet for this little guy, but I doubt that he’ll stay that small when faced with some competition from Kingler and Crawdaunt.

Grass Type


Joining its goat-based Generation III counterpart Absol, Gogoat is a pure Grass type Pokémon, although it’s unclear yet if it evolves from or into a different form.

Poison Type


Skrelp debuts this year as a dual Poison and Water type and it looks like it needs some eye drops, like right now. No further evolutionary forms are known of right now.

Electric Type


Much like everyone else, only one electric type has been shown off so far. Helioptile is an Electric/Normal type that has no known evolution yet.

Steel Type


Another constantly-overlooked class has just one new reveal so far. Honedge takes the shape of a classic sword, and also serves as a secondary Ghost-type. Evolutions are unknown, but I’d bet good money that its final form is a sword and shield combo.

Fairy Type


This year sees the debut of a new type of Pokemon, the first since Generation II in order to combat the advantegeous strength of the Dragon types. Sylveon is brand new evolutionary form for Eevee, Xerneas serves as a Legendary Pokemon in that bracket that can go toe to toe with other Dragon Legendary Pokemon and Flabébé rounds out the trio of new type-specific introductions.

Dragon Type


Noivern is the latest Dragon Type that also has Flying type abilities, and will most likely require a ton of training in order to evolve to this form. Hopefully just not as much as Hydreigon needed.

Last Updated: July 11, 2013


  1. I thought Torchic and its evolutions was a Fire/Fighting type in Gen 3, same as the starters in Gen 4 & 5. Which is why we assume Fennekin will grow an extra set of arms and become a Fire/Fighting type as well.


  2. DBL_ZA

    July 12, 2013 at 09:23

    Call me a drone, but I will buy a 3DS just for this game (Y, the Yveltal just looks cooler/more useful). Been a Pokemon fan since Gen 1 and even though it’s a bit rinse and repeat, it’s always a new adventure


    • Gerhard Davids

      July 12, 2013 at 09:53

      And this time in 3D squeee


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