Alltime PS3 sales released

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Kotaku has been dragging through all the Sony financials since the PS3 was released and they can now announce exactly how many PS3’s have officially been sold according to Sony.

VGChartz currently has the PS3 sales sitting at 23 million while the official Sony stats are sitting at 23.8 Million, which is pretty close really.

This does raise the question, why doesn’t VGChartz update their numbers when the official stats are announced?

In other news Sony has also officially announced that they have sold over 189.7 million software titles sold via retail and PSN combined since the launch of the PS3.

What scares me is that through all of that they have still made a loss, hell if I made a piece of hardware and sold it 23 million times with 190 million supporting pieces of software I would expect to be rolling in it.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: August 3, 2009

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