Amazon sells out of PS4 and Xbox One

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24 hours ago we told you about GameStop selling out of their pre-orders and now it’s ‘turn to announce they can no longer guarantee day-one delivery of your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

What’s really surprising here is that the Xbox One was revealed to a massive amount of negativity and yet the day-one console has been sold out at both GameStop and Amazon in less than a month. Not surprisingly the PlayStation 4 has also hit the pre-order limit at Amazon but the big question here really is whether or not the retailer was allowed to take the same number of pre-orders for both consoles.

If so then you have to think that the Xbox One DRM U-turn has been a resounding success and we are in for a real fight when both consoles hit retail shelves later this year.

Last Updated: July 11, 2013

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