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An update on the Black Ops 3 dedicated servers

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So we broke the news last week that South Africa was going to have dedicated servers for all three version of Black Ops 3 (PC, Xbox One and PS4) and while the local distributor, Megarom, has not been able to officially confirm it yet some more evidence has been shown that we will in fact have a server. Yes possibly only one.

A popular Call of Duty Youtuber, Drift0r, has one of those awesome gaming routers that can show you where all the people in your game are based as well as showing on a map where all the dedicated servers are.

And here they are.

As we can see the majority of servers are clustered around the US and EU markets which is no surprise and then there is one in South America, Australia, Japan and yes right here in South Africa.

The server is based in Cape Town which backs up other rumours we’ve heard that the servers are being run by Gameservers as Mweb has a relationship with them and are based in Cape Town so your best connection for Black Ops 3 locally will probably be an Mweb one.

There has been some confusion and debate over whether we really do have Black Ops 3 servers as people are still claiming they are getting terrible pings as well as seeing host migration. Drift0r explains this though as Black Ops 3 uses a combined dedicated server and player server system.

The game will attempt to get you on a dedicated server but if that server is full or down it can then pick a player host and that is when you can end up with a dodgy host and that annoying Host Migration screen.

Hopefully we will see some new servers being added for the actual release in November as our weekend Black Ops 3 experience was mainly on player-hosted games which are nowhere near as good. It’s likely that they’ve implemented just one server for testing purposes.

[Thanks to Guild for the tip]

Last Updated: August 24, 2015

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